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Mayor Troiano of Wildwood

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Wildwood
Address 4400 New Jersey Ave
Phone 609-846-2000

Mayor Troiano of Wildwood Reviews

  • Jul 19, 2017

Mayor Troiano, we the people of Wildwood work very hard to pay our taxes and those of us with businesses and rental units pay our Mercantile license year after year after year. The Department of Public Works in Wildwood has been cut by roughly 50% over the last few years (due to budget shortfalls?) There are blighted and abandoned properties throughout Wildwood.

Your city inspector John Davis who is responsible for the outside upkeep of buildings in Wildwood is looking the other way to unjustly enrich himself. John Davis works for Dan Higman, broker/owner of Weichert Realtors in Wildwood. Dan Higman works for Mr. Latrenta whom in turn represents the entity 110 Skyline Group LLC.

Dan Higman collects the rental money and manages the property xx Garfield Ave. in Wildwood. That building has hundreds of violations, disabled people living inside, and very young children. They are all in imminent danger because of illegal and dangerous electrical wiring, faulty alarm systems, complete lack of smoke detectors, and outlets that have surged and been fried, in fact there was a fire there approximately a month ago. Emergency lighting does not exist. Doorways to the apartments lack self-closing hinges. God forbid small children and infants and the disabled have to be rushed out in case of any emergency, their doors would not protect them from the smoke and there would be no lighting to escape if the power went out, abandoned mattresses fill hallways. There are missing screens and shattered windows all over the building. These residents do not complain because they are immigrants and fear being evicted if they speak out.

Inspector John Davis has also let xx, right off restaurant row, deteriorate to the point where all of the doors are busted in in the courtyard just behind the fence. There is garbage, debris, and needles. Squaters come and go, as well as drug addicts and the local gang members that have a sanctuary completely free to opperate from, two residences in from restaurant row on Pacific Ave and approximately three blocks (less than 7 minutes walking distance) from the beach and boardwalk. This building has so much garbage, debris and weeds and brush growing up to 12 feet high that if a fire were to happen there it is surrounded by buildings on all sides and that fire could spread just like the fire in Seaside Heights a few years ago. Broker Dan Higman of Weichert Realtors also runs this property for Mr. Latrenta of 110 Skyline LLC.

How is it that these two properties have not been brought up to code in over two years when both of them are minutes from the beach and boardwalk? xx is just a 3/4 minute walk to the beach.

In summation, these are two blighted and run down properties that should not be ignored and have the real potential to turn into the very tragic and fatal Grenfell fire in London.

Mayor Troiano, your inspector John Davis works for Dan Higman, broker of Weichert Realtors. Although they have collected upwards to $200,000 off of rental income at xx, AND HAVE NOT PAID 2015, 2016, 2017 MERCANTILE LICENSE FEES.

Mayor Troiano, Wildwood City Hall needs to be audited immediately from A-Z and you are now completely aware of the horrendous deplorable and inhumane conditions that the tenants live under at xx. Weichert Realtors of Wildwood should be barred from managing and collecting rents from any property in Wildwood because their henchman John Davis has a great conflict of interest while working for the city of Wildwood, while serving the illegal interest of Dan Higman and Mr. Latrenta.

Mayor Troiano, in the meanwhile could you compel Dan Higman of Weichert Realtors and his boss Mr. Latrenta of 110 Skyline LLC to pay their three years back-owed mercantile license for xx? So all of us that actually do pay our mercantile license fees and keep your properties up to code are not paying more for the fees for others because they are not being paid by a criminal enterprise that reaches into city hall of Wildwood.

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