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Mayor & City Council of Aurora

Country United States
State Colorado
City Aurora
Address 15151 E Alameda Pkwy
Phone (303) 739-7000

Mayor & City Council of Aurora Reviews

  • Mar 6, 2021

Your chance of getting killed by an Aurora, CO police or paramedic while walking if you are BLACK, 200%. Your chance of being killed by Aurora, CO police while driving if you are BLACK 100%. Your chance of Aurora PD, Mayor's Office, and Council Members listening to you about safety concerns 0%. DON'T BELIEVE ME, just buy yourself a lottery ticket to see if you win. In my life I have never seen an HONEST politician. What I loved about Nixon was he preached "HE WAS NOT A CROOK" but he just got caught. YEP, YOU READ IT RIGHT!

We all know the problem with Capitol Hill and that's TERM LIMITS. At one point in someone's life they have voted for crooks that just have not been caught YET. Westbound Number 9 sums it up about elected officials ``Deacon Jones preaching about saving souls.....But like Pa and all the rest looking down Bobbie Sue's low-cut dress (Flaming Ember)." I am an individual that has high critical views of ANY POLITICIAN. I will be frank about it when a politician will not give a direct answer, ignore your concerns and just say "F" YOU it's past due time to VOTE them out or petition for a recall. Here's two that need an overall real reality of A VOTER.

Just ask Aurora Colorado Mayor Mike Coffman when he was SENATOR. He was too business pushing his own agenda and as a veteran my vote ended his political career.

STAY tuned veterans will be speaking again LOUD and CLEAR! Crystal Murillo, City Council Member of Ward 1 of Aurora, CO a replacement is in the works since your ears are covered as well. THEY WANT A VOTE AND A PAYCHECK AND NOTHING ELSE. These two individuals FELT the need to ignore this MESSAGE about the outlaw speeders. I had to purchase a hand-held RADAR from AMAZON and clocked speeds of 70 mph. This message was sent to Aurora government officials: "Per phone call with the Aurora Police Department (APD ) dispatch I was directly told to take photos of the excessive speeding and reckless driving and report the danger to the company. The action proved to be fruitless and seems to have flumed the situation.

The ordinances and statutes seem to be denied in select neighborhoods. We do not live next door to each other. We do not have to like each other. But one thing is for sure the basic facts speak for themselves. "There are no posted speed limit signs, speed bumps, police radar or warning signs to deter drivers' actions. The distance leaving Peoria Street turning onto East 14th Avenue ending at Scraton Street is a short distance. My personal radar reader has indicated daily traveling top speeds at 70 miles per hour on the avenue. " "There is a systematic problem with excessive speeding on East 14th Avenue Street.

The lawless actions and gross disregard for the neighborhood public safety are being conducted by commercial vehicles and privately owned cars. It is a 24/7 endangerment that will soon result in a fatality. There are kids that play in the streets and senior citizens that walk the area.”

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