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MaxProfiXpro Reviews

  • Sep 6, 2019

I signed up for this Monday at 1:41 PM. I was taken to a thank you page where I was required to submit a support ticket for both softwares included with the purchase.

The next day I had not received an answer so I waited another day.

On Wednesday (2 days after my purchase) I went to the Facebook group and politely asked if someone would look at my tickets. I was told that there is no support there and that I should use the support ticket system. I then submitted 2 more tickets, (1 for each program) but still did not receive an answer.

On Wednesday, 2 days after the purchase, I reached out to Jason Fulton and politely asked if he could get his support team to look at my tickets. I gave him all 4 tickets numbers.

Later that day I received one of the 2 software logins but still did not have any replies to tickets nor did I have access to the main software that belongs to Jason Fulton. He had not answered my message so I updated him and told him that I still had not received any replies and that I was still waiting to get his software and asked if he could help. I also told him it was frustrating which is pretty obvious at this point. I said, "Maybe you can take a moment to at least acknowledge that I'm here and you're alive." Maybe a bit rude but hey, it's 2 days after my purchase and not a single answer to my support requests or access to the product I paid for.

Jason finally responded at 3AM my time and simply said "I don't use facebook msg for any type of support. This is now 3 days after my purchase so I got a bit snarky and replied with "Okay then, How about using your support ticket system? That would allow me to seek help elsewhere" and I gave him all 4 ticket numbers.

He replied several hours later with "opening multiple tickets won't help your cause, our support desk will get to you. "This is now 4 days after my purchase and not a single ticket had been answered.

So I went to the facebook page again and found that I had been removed from the group.

So I answered him and told him to refund me and that his system specifically asked for multiple tickets. I was rude, I admit, when I replied with this; "Refund my money and go learn some customer service."

The next day (5 days after purchase) He replied with "I don't use facebook msg for any type of ... ^^"

I'm sure you can imagine how frustrated I was at that point. I wrote him a very angry text in ALL CAPS because I wanted him to actually see how frustrated I was. I rudely explained the entire situation and this was his reply...

"I don't run support via FB msgr - and every marketer worth his quit does the same, I look forward to seeing you turn this viral, best of luck... I love how you write in ALL CAPS like that makes a difference aswell"

Keep in mind I still have no replies to any of my tickets and it is now Friday at 5:50PM

I replied back "I'll tell you what genius marketer, why don't you stop answering me here and answer me on your support ticket system because I still don't have access to my purchase"

He wrote this:

"Well, i believe you are the genious who can make this go viral, i'd spend my time making my products or affiliate links go viral, but i guess thats' why i'm the success and you the one SCREAMING WITH YOUR CAPS ON

and we have a dedicated support desk for all inquires, i will forward your disgusting requests on to see where they at - maybe you wrote the same way you did me, with a f*cking sh*t attittude,"

Every single one of my communications and requests were by the book until I reached out to him on the Facebook page and FB msg 2 days after my purchase. I continued to be nice through Friday until Friday night after a week of this crud.

He blocked me on Messenger and today, Saturday, I still don't have access, I don't have a refund and I don't have any way to contact him. I submitted another support request but that, of course, only received the auto-reply.

I don't know about you, but I've been doing this a long time, I have a successful Internet business that I've been running since 1996 and I have never in all those years, come across incompetence and arrogance like this.

I would HIGHLY (yes all caps) recommend you stay far away from this guy and his products. I just wish I was close enough to visit him in person at this point.

Sorry about that last but that's how I honestly feel.

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