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Mavis Discount Tire

Country United States
State New York
City Millwood
Address 358 Saw Mill River Rd
Phone 914-984-2500

Mavis Discount Tire Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2022

I took my car in 10/2021 to have a vibration on the passenger side fixed. Kevin the manager told me I needed brakes and rotors $400 upon getting my vehicle the vibration was not fixed.

Kevin the manager had me bring the car back when he had a technician evaluate the car he the told me I needed a cv axle motor mounts and a handful of other things totaling $1200 I received my vehicle back at the close of business and the vibration was not fixed.

The next day I called and was told a borage of stories that Kevin is in the hospital for covid after continuing to call days later was told Kevin died and to bring in my car. They replaced the cv axle they originally replaced saying it had a defect at no charge to me. Well that didn't fix the issue and the my cv axle seals started to leak transmission fluid went back they fixed that but didn't fix the vibration.

After contacting the store and mangers several times who said they just bought tuffy and was short technicians. Now we are in February of 2022 the manager told me I needed shocks a new trans axle seal new front tires (even tho the ones on the car were 3 months old) and whiper blades TO FIX THE VIBRATION and it would cost $1400 and happily got me financing through snap finance like the last repair.

No shock it didn't fix the vibration and taking back several times to be told the vibration was from my car seat foam was thin and I needed a car seat I SAID NO! I requested the manager now of mavis to come with me on a test drive to show the vibration I was talking about and he did within minutes he stated YOUR TORQUE CONVERTER IS GOING BAD you need a transmission shop we don't do transmissions.

So why do all these unnecessary repairs? He had no answer. I filed a fraud investigation with snap finance and now after talking with mavis corp and regional manager joe I was told they are not responsible for tuffy auto repairs ok what about the $1400 you did in February of 2022 oh you waited too long(I've been in the store complaining) but we can give you a good deal on a used transmission for $2000 and finance it for you dejavu all over again.

I've contacted the state of Florida filed a complaint also with the bbb and have called the local news. I received a phone call from Joe threatening me that I could be sued and so could the local news. I thought for a minute tuffy was the problem clearly mavis is in the same predatory fraud.

  • Sep 18, 2022

I've been to this location a couple of times over the years of me living in this particular area for 3 1/2 years. The manager there not only told me that it would have been $400 for me to get brand new rotors on my car and brake pads but I'm under a lifetime warranty.

This location brags about over charging their patrons for services and apparently they are still getting away with it.

  • May 13, 2021

December 2018, my Toyota was making noise and I suspected a problem with a wheel. However, I had just gotten new tires from Mavis and I thought it was possible that it was just a noisy brand of tire. They looked at it and gave me a long list of things the car needed including shocks, struts, both front wheel bearings (even though the driver's side had recently been replaced), rear rotors and rear brakes. They assured me that much of this work was urgent and, if I did not get the wheel bearings replaced, a wheel could fall off while I'm driving. So I gave them the go ahead.

They had the car up on the lift for several hours, while I was stuck in the waiting area, but it appeared that most of the time, they weren't actually working on it. Nevertheless, after a day in the waiting area, I was given back my car and a bill of almost $1000. I was told that there were two rebates that I could get for the shocks. I got one of them and the other one never came, but Mavis had no help for that. The two front wheel bearings cost about $600 for parts and labor.

We drove the car for a few weeks and it was still making that noise. In fact, it seemed to be getting worse, so I brought it back to Mavis. They did not drive it to hear the noise, but they lifted it up and looked at it again. They said that there was nothing wrong and sent me home reassured that my car would not fall apart on the highway. Over 2019, we drove it for about 10,000 miles with that noise, but we continued to assume it was noisy tires. This was backed up by the internet ratings on those particular tires. Then COVID hit. We parked the Toyota and drove only one car for over a year. Besides moving the Toyota in the driveway, it didn't go anywhere.

Once we started using the Toyota again it was more than two years since the "repair." By now, since we were used to another car, it had become obvious that this noise wasn't from the tires and we took it to a trustworthy local mechanic. He replaced the front passenger wheel bearing, which disintegrated when he removed it, and the noise went away. He said that, in his opinion, the front wheel bearing on the passenger side had never been taken apart and replaced. He had to use a blow torch to remove the bolt because it was so old. If it had been replaced in 2018, it would not have been that difficult to take out. It is clear to me that Mavis charged me for work that they did not do.

I went back to discuss it and they blamed me for not bringing it back on time to take advantage of the 1-year warranty. But I DID bring it back, and they assured me there was nothing wrong with it. They continued to blame me for taking it to another mechanic, but there's no way I would trust them with this car again. They claim that it is not uncommon for a wheel bearing to crumble after 10,000 miles and that I should have taken advantage of the warranty when I still had it, but since they told me there was nothing wrong with the car, and would have continued to do so, there was little point in doing that. They sent me out the door with a bad wheel bearing and charged me for the work. It is unlikely that they replaced the driver's side wheel bearing since that one wasn't making the noise. It makes me wonder if they did any of the work on that expensive list.

  • Jul 22, 2018

I went in with a flat due to my rim. The man said I should replace the tire and he'd make sure to use enough sealent.

The Kid Manager told me I qualify for financing through Synchrony Car Care. I told the man I already have their credit card through Walmart and he said the tires would be added on to that account and a new card would be sent to me which I can use at local gas stations.

He told me a sale price of 122. plus 12 dollars install is all I would be charged. He filled out the application without asking me anything but my name and social. He said that if I bought a second tire for the same price I'd get balancing tossed in for free.

I agreed and asked that my passenger side tire be put in the back to be a spare. He said he'd get rid of the one tire as a curtesy. I was charged 2.50 as a curtesy.

The next day both new tires were completely flat. I used a pump, filled them and went back to Mavis.

They were two busy.

So for a week I'm inflated two new tires that go flat over night until finally I park across the street from Mavis. Within hours my tires were completely flat again. This is when I learned the Spare Tire was not in the back. The tire was purchased a day earlier for $50. from Stu's in Selden.

The manager told me the tires were thrown away. The Manager walked across the street to inspect his work and after seeing the two new tires flat he suggested I drive on the aluminum rims to his competitor City Tire and have them put sealant on because his guy may have forgot to put it on.

I had the tires repaired. My Credit Card did not arrive for months. I called and called and finally it arrived at my PO Box with racked up late charges. I had to explain I didnt have the card and the charges were removed. My tires where more than the agreed upon price. They were about thirty dollars more each tire because the manager lied and said I requested services like balancing and so on which I never requested.

I have paid off over 100. on the tires and knocked the total down to 200. Then the last two payments went through, I received confirmation and a week later I am hit with a late charge fee and no reflection of the payment made. I call and I'm promised that this will be corrected. Next month the exact same thing occurs. So Now I've paid off close to two hundred dollars against the $268. tires and my account says I still owe $480.

They still haven't found, replaced or credited me for the tire they lost / stole from me at Mavis Tire Centereach.

  • Sep 8, 2017

Ordered two new tires and and oil change. They never did the oil change although I paid for it. 2 days later my car wouldn't start, they screwed up my sensor. Had to go to another mechanic to get it replaced. They also screwed up the alignment so my tires blew out less than 3 months later and they refused to replace the although I had a 1 year warrenty. They misspelled my name in the system and lost my paperwork. They did not return my phone calls or help when I showed up in person. They cost me over $1000. I want my money back.

  • Jul 6, 2017

I went in to Mavis and was forced to leave my non profit truck over night when I was able to pick up my vehicle it was at night and dark. The vehicle had scratched on it like they tried fitting into bay as they said they were not going to. The vehicle was also taken off camera as they said they were not going to as I had tools in the back. They caused over $6000 in danges to my freshly painted box truck and wheels I had before and after pictures as insurance just took photos the day before. I went to court and they agreed outside the court they would pay for damaged to truck and I said don't worry about the wheels. The judge said if I had issues come back in 30 days we'll I had the run around and went past the 30 days now I need to take off of work again in order to go to court again to receive compensation. I received emails to remove my reviews I said I will once I am compensated well they never got back to me I will tell the world my story and will have a billboard on my truck.

  • Jun 10, 2017

I went into Mavis Tire Discount because I hit a huge pothole & my exhaust system was loose. I asked them to check it, I believe that the tailpipe hanger was missing. The manager asked if I needed anything else done. I told him my car needed an alignment, but only if there's not a long wait. He then was questioning as to why I think I need an alignment. I told him that it's my car, and I Know that it's in need of one! He kept insisting why I believed it needed one. I have a CDL License and drive for a living, I do know about vehicles. They took my car into 1st bay, lifted it to inspect the exhaust. Called me to show me exactly what I expected, the tailpipe hanger was missing. They however do not have the part needed to repair it. I asked if they could use a wire to hold it up to prevent it from being ripped off while driving. So they did. They then put my car in last bay for the alignment. The service tech came into waiting room & asked me to come. He then explained that he was unable to loosen the tie rod ends & couldn't complete the alignment. He went to the computer & looked up prices for inner & outter tie rod ends. After seeing the expensive class for parts and replacement I explained that I will not be replacing the tie rod ends because they are not bad period I would take it somewhere else to have it aligned by somebody who could complete it. The manager then charged me $97.29 saying he gave me a discount on the alignment of $60. He also told me when I get the parts for my exhaust if I bring them in they could put them on for me. I paid with my credit card but was very disgusted because the work was not completed and I was charged for the incomplete alignment.

  • Feb 15, 2017

- I used Mavis discount tires for PA safety inspection on 3rd december for my 2006 toyota camry when it was runnign 120000 miles and car was not having any issue . After 30 min of inspection manager called me a told me there is problem with my front arms, controls , brakes shoes and need to be immediately replaced to pass the test and quoted me in written for 1350 USD . I opted out the service suspecting the fraud .

Later I reispected the vehicle with another reputed company in my area and they told there is no such proeblem in your car but battery and alternatror need to be replaced to get safety cerificate .

I would like to let every one know about this company and its malpractice so that no one else gets cheated like this .

  • Dec 27, 2016

My husband and I were loyal Mavis customers for almost two years, and between our two vehicles, we have spent thousands of dollars for repairs performed by two of Mavis’s service centers during that time. Following our most recent experience, we decided we'd be better off without the Mavis Touch. Calling the corporate office is pointless. You spend half an hour explaining your issue to a barely coherent customer service agent, even though you specifically asked for a management level person--It's not that I don't respect the customer service person, but at this point, my issue needs to be acknowledged and resolved by someone in a higher position of accountability. The problem is, no one in that higher position is accountable either. Nobody at Mavis Corporate ever calls you back. Your issue mysteriously disappears among the ghosts of customers past or that never were. Because, even if you never spend another dime at Mavis, another poor schmuck will. That's the mindset. Every customer is dispensable. But nothing tells the story like the story. So, here it is. Somebody tell me where I'm wrong, please.

My husband took his vehicle to the Mt. Sinai, NY service center on Friday, Nov 25 for an oil change. He arrived as soon as the center opened at 8 am and in addition to the oil change, was informed of a number of other repairs that were needed, including replacement of the return line for the power steering. The manager informed him that they would have to order the part, but that it should arrive by 11:30 am that morning so they could complete the work. At 9:30, they changed the arrival time to 4 pm, at which point, my husband requested that they wrap up what they were doing, so he could leave and come back. My husband subsequently called the center at approx 3 pm to inquire regarding the status of the part and was informed that it was there. My husband arrived at 3:30 and waited for an hour before being informed that the part they had received was not the right part. So, not only did we have to reorganize our entire day to accommodate Mavis, but my husband wasted an hour of his time for nothing. The center had the part at 3 pm and could have checked immediately to determine that the part was incorrect, rather than having my husband come back and wait again--only to find out that the work could not be completed, and would require returning the next day. When my husband returned on Saturday (again requiring a major change of plans), he waited another hour and a half for the repair work to be completed, and was charged in excess of $600 for the repairs. He requested, as a courtesy, that the bill be reduced by the cost of 1 hour of labor (as he had wasted an hour of HIS time). The manager on site offered only $30 off.

As this issue took 2 days to resolve and required our rescheduling family plans on Thanksgiving--i.e. a considerable inconvenience to multiple parties, we found this concession to be laughable and insulting. It shows a not only a lack of customer respect and courtesy, but also a lack of service quality overall. Furthermore, this incident is not even the first problem we have encountered in our relationship with Mavis. Last summer of 2015, we also had an oil change done at the Rocky Point, NY center, which was overseen by the same manager, and which went horribly wrong due to the incompetence of the mechanics as well as said manager. In that experience, the engine was damaged as a consequence of their installation of a faulty oil filter. Although they replaced the engine, which was the correct action to take, it subsequently took another two months to resolve a “check engine light” issue, which started only after the installation of the new engine. After this experience at the Rocky Point center, we wanted to give the company another chance, but not at the same location. Thus, we went to the Mt Sinai location, which was still relatively convenient. For almost a year, we dealt with a different manager named Lorenzo, and never had a problem. It is ironic that this current issue happened under the supervision of the same manager (Steve), who mismanaged our repair issue at the Rocky Point location. Considering these multiple inconveniences and our investment in Mavis to date, we asked Mavis for compensation for at least the cost of labor on the power steering return line installation, i.e. one hour, which represents the time my husband waited pointlessly for a repair that did not happen until the next day.

I have tried to contact Mavis's corporate office multiple times and NO ONE of any decision making authority has reached out to me. We report our experience as a warning to other customers and to other businesses who need customers! Mavis obviously could care less about preserving their relationship with their individual customers, and their reputation in the industry will suffer for it. There are many other locally owned auto repair shops on Long Island. Give them a chance and don't waste your time and money on Mavis!

  • Jan 6, 2016





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