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Mauricio Solis, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Country United States
State Texas
City El Paso
Address 7500 Viscount Blvd ste C-50

Mauricio Solis, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Reviews

  • May 23, 2023

Honorable Denis Richard McDonough

Department of Veterans Affairs, Secretary.

A few experiences to share with you, about the VR&E Program in El Paso, Texas:

On April 30, 2023, veteran emails Ms Beagle about a denial letter he got in the mail. Few emails later, the conclusion was that the denial letter had been sent in error. ‘Disregard the letter’ wrote Ms. Beagle on May 3. She further added that, ‘you’ll get a letter or a contact soon when the appointment will be…’ SEE IMAGE LABELED ‘DENIAL LETTER.’

On May 5, 2023, Mr. Solis addresses personal email to veteran, requesting ‘transcripts’ after ‘each term.’ Four days later, May 9, 2023, vet emails Mr. Solis for a second time, asking him to clarify the context of his request (i.e. what ‘transcripts’ ? what ‘terms’ ? etc.) That same day, Mr. Solis responds: ‘...this email does not apply to you…’ another instance where erroneous information is addressed and sent to the veteran. SEE IMAGE LABELED ‘ERRATIC EMAIL.’

On May 19, 2013, the veteran meets Mr. Solis for the so-called ‘entitlement appointment.’ Turns out, the meeting had to be rescheduled, in part, because Mr. Solis did not receive an email sent by the veteran containing email attachments of documents (aptitude-test results) required for the meeting. SEE IMAGE LABELED ‘ATTACHMENTS’

Consequently, Mr. Solis promptly scheduled the ‘entitlement’ meeting for May 26, and a second ‘entitlement meeting’ for June 2. And now, the question is whether we have two entitlement meetings to attend or is it just one, and if so, which one? Is this another instance of information being sent in error ? Mr. Solis was contacted to clarify the situation but so far hasn't explained much about it, other than to confirm the ‘entitlement appointment’ for June 2 is in fact an ‘entitlement appointment’.

As per the instructions provided by Mr. Solis, and in order to prepare for the ‘entitlement’ meeting rescheduled to take place on June 2, the veteran, once again, emailed to Mr. Solis, the same aptitude-test results mentioned in the paragraph above. This time, Mr. Solis did receive the email, but now, Mr Solis claims he is ‘unable to open these attachments.’ The veteran suggested a solution to open the files but Mr. Solis' response was: ‘You can also use genius scan on your phone to send them to me…’ (SEE IMAGE LABELED ‘UNABLE TO OPEN ATTACHMENTS.’) At this point, we can ask ourselves whether or not Mr. Solis is incurring in acts of self-sabotage. and if that is the case, you will agree that it is a bad idea to engage Mr. Solis on his terms. This is why this situation is brought to your attention, hoping that you will provide the leadership needed by Mr. Solis. This type of misconduct/self-sabotage reflects a very poor organizational culture of at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Mr Solis is free to answer veteran’s questions in any way that he likes, either with information that does not apply to the veteran, or with any other ambiguous answers. Let us be clear, however, that from now on, every instance to create confusion or manipulation will be documented, and addressed to you, Mr. Secretary, for clarification. Abuse of power by union workers is unacceptable.

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