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Maureen Feland

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Boonton
Address 113 Harrison St

Maureen Feland Reviews

  • Jan 20, 2017

My Name is Jill Marksham.I hired Maureen Feland to build and design a website for my catering business.Maureen was my daughters recommendation,as we used to be neighbors.My daughter told me Maureen has been designing websites for years and a domain specialist.I had a very basic website that i tried to do myself thru wix.I could not "get it",as i wanted different colors,pages of my specialties-which is cookies,a order page etc.Maureen explained a properly built site for my business,including a order page,credit card vault for storing customer info,animation,etc-etc would cost upwards of 6-8 thousand dollars.Maureen told me she would handle everything for 4 thousand dollars.I wasnt ready for that amount,but after checking with other designers and my daughter,i decided that Maureens price was fair.And being old neighbors,i had faith in Maureen.

I will keep a long story short,I got ripped off.Stupid me,i paid a total of 4,100.00$.I paid all in cash(in increments) as Maureen would state she did not accept pay-pal or credit cards.I knew this but trusted a old neighbor.After 3 months i finally got my website.Oh my,nothing like i wanted,different colors,my diet cookies(diet line)was supposed to be a seperate page with my cookies spinning(animation).

I got 3 pages,which i had before on my own,a different domain,nothing user friendly,order page was not finished.When i was dumbfounded and asking 1000 questions,Maureen put me on the phone with her friend,ceo of her company(raymond miller)he told me that they had over 100 hours in design of my website.He tried to explain to me that he needed to create a Vault to store all my customer credit card info into(Maureen would maintain the Vault for free for a year)and that they needed 800.00 more dollars and my banking info.

That was a red flag right there.This was just a blatant rip off and in my last conversation i had,i politely asked for my money back,as this New website was a hoax.Just as i thought,no return phone calls and now the phone number has been changed.Im furious,my daughter is furious as are the rest of the neighbors.

I am seeking legal advise,as the limit for small claims court in nj is 3,000.00.

I wish i would have known about this site beforehand,as now i see Maureen has lied,cheated and ripped off other people.

I hope this report along with the other will help people make a decision on hiring Maureen Feland and her cohort,raymond miller.

Stay far away from my ex neighbor,Maureen Feland,as obviously,she will lie,cheat and rip off anyone.

I will write more after court actions.

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