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Mattress and Furniture Super Center

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 2719 Adamo Dr
Phone 813-242-9500

Mattress and Furniture Super Center Reviews

  • Sep 5, 2017

September 4th, 2017

I purchased a full bedroom set along with sectional on 7/12/2017 paid for in full same day. I was told to allow 1 ½ to 3 ½ weeks for the furniture to be delivered to the store warehouse (this is in writing on the contract agreement) which at that time I would instruct Mattress and furniture supercenter located at 2719 Adamo Dr. Tampa, FL 33605 when my house was finished being built so they can schedule delivery of my furniture. Several times I called Mattress and furniture supercenter to remind them of the delivery day which was confirmed and scheduled by them for September 1st between 3pm to 9pm. They assured me that everything was there and the delivery was good to go. (I have phone records to prove this), I also have documented text messages with Joseph and Lisa about the delivery.

Day of delivery: We called Joseph a sales person with this company after no one picked up the phone at the store. It was getting close to the promised delivery cut off time of 9 pm so we wanted to inquire if the delivery was coming today since my wife took off of work to ensure that she could be here to receive the furniture. We don’t want her to miss another day of work over this (She is a night RN). At that time Joseph gave me an attitude stating that he did not work today and this is his personal phone why am I calling his phone? I explained to him the situation that we cannot get in touch with anyone at the store. He proceeded to tell me that it would probably get there tonight and ended the conversation. 2 minutes later the truck driver called us, seems like someone contacted them about the issue we were having. They told us we are running a little late, will be there at 9:30. Okay no problem we replied to them. Well needless to say after several calls to the driver and being told they were stuck in traffic, not sure why there is traffic at 10pm but they showed up at 11:23pm to my house finally. The two delivery guys were very disgruntled at the start. They were not aware that I understood Spanish, I heard a few bad words spoken and a lot of complaining from them. Furniture was thrown around in the truck to get to my items, I was amazed by this action. After they located my furniture one of them lowered it down to the other guy by hand and at that point they dropped one of the pieces. When they brought the piece into my new home they damaged the walls rushing to get the job done. (pictures were taken of all the damage to my home) I noticed they were not checking the items they placed into my home which is when I jumped into action to check everything for damages. I noticed they gave me a blue section of the brown leather sectional I ordered. I showed them this mistake and they looked completely confused. Then they informed me that everything was finished after they brought in the correct brown piece to my sectional. I told them they are missing 80% of my bedroom set. Once again, I got that confused look on their faces and they pulled out the sales agreement to check. I was right, they told me that the pieces would be coming tomorrow, of course we were upset but what could we do about this? So, we signed the delivery paperwork and noted on the form all of the missing items. We figured we would only have to go to sleep on the floor for one day and thought it wouldn’t be a big deal right? We are understanding people and mistakes happen.

Next day we contacted the store to find out at what time our bedroom set would be delivered. After multiple failed attempts to contact them we were finally told that the pieces had not arrived yet and it would take about 1 ½ weeks to get my bedroom set but could not offer us an exact date. This is when we really got upset at the situation. We reminded them that we ordered our furniture 7 weeks ago and we were told several times that it was in stock and ready and waiting for delivery in their warehouse. They told us that they tried calling us several times to tell us that the bedroom set had been damaged and would be delayed. (blatant lie, when we checked our phone records no calls were made to us) After telling Robin no one had tried calling me and that I had actually called them multiple times to confirm delivery of my products she then later admitted no one called to inform us and that she apologizes for that miscommunication. We informed them we wanted a full refund on the bedroom set since 80% of our bedroom set was not delivered as promised and a replacement sectional due to the fact there was a bad scrape mark on the new sectional (most likely from the delivery guys throwing it around in the truck.) The sales man Joseph replied we do not give refunds to anyone. This is where I informed him under the (UCC) Warranty of merchantability we are entitled to a refundsince quality and uniformity goods were not received even though they stated on the contract no refunds. Consumer law protects customers rights to receive a good new item with no defects. I also advised him we would be calling the bank to open a fraud investigation. We told them to come pick up the pieces and we would be documenting everything in case of any damages occurring to our new home again.

Furthermore, Robin tried to compensation for their mistake with a temporary bed frame and free rug that we would have to drive 1.5 hours to go pick up ourselves. I informed her that we have no use for a rug and felt it was unfair, unprofessional and unethical to make us drive that far and use our gas and resources for a service I paid $2,800.00 for. This has cause stress, loss of productive time at work, back problems to get worse and overall an unpleasant moving experience. When I purchase a product almost 2months ahead of time for such an important event like a new home move I would expect my bed out of all things to be delivered on time. Especially since I called multiple times to confirm it would be available that day.

Our goal is to receive our bedroom set in a timely manner and get the damaged sectional replaced with one that is in good condition. Plus, we feel that additional compensation is needed which both parties agree is acceptable for the lost wages and stress their mistake has caused myself and my wife. Mr. & Mrs. C.

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