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Matt McClellan

Country United States
State Michigan
City Fenton
Address 724 Pinecreek Drive
Phone 313 318 2891

Matt McClellan Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2022

Matt McClellan is active online is several social media alternative platforms such as the telegram and discord social media applications primarily in crypto currency and online resale groups. On discord McClellan uses the account CryptoMcFly#4484 to engage in conversations on resale and crypto currency discussion groups.

The crypto mcfly4484 discord account may be one of several discord accounts that he uses. McClellan also used a cryptomcfly telegram account that he deleted and also uses a telegram account under his real name. .

In the attached messages you can see the usd tether address that was given by him and the total of the funds I sent to his address. McClellan did end up sending back 2,000 dollars of the 16,000 back , which I will explain later. All the transasctions can be verified on the omni blockchain explorer.

McClellan provided enough information about his identity that if he would defraud someone that you would have a record of his identity. McClellan always boasted about all the deals he knew online and how only if he had more funding that he would make a killing. Anyway McClellan sent me links on discount deals for bulk iphones that he was going to order to resell on amazon/ebay and that we would split the profits.

Instead McClellan did not purchase any bulk iphones or any other inventory for his ebay/amazon store. After demanding that he send the funds back McClellan just told me to " chill" and that soon he would use the funds on inventory for his amazon/ebay store. McClellan never used the funds to obtain any inventory for his amazon/ebay store and just used my funds to invest in crypto currency, which was possibly his plan all along. McClellan never returned the funds and instead boasted that by hodling my funds in cryptocurrency he turned the funds into 121,000 dollars as of May 2021. Back in December 2018 McClellan did return 2,000 dollars back after my constant yelling bringing the defrauded amount to 14,500 usd.

In the attached pictures you can see that the usd tether address matches the omni blockchain explorer and that McClellan was working as hard as he could to be deceptive in obtaining funds, allegedly to obtain more inventory for his ebay/amazon store. McClelallan has never returned the funds and will consistently lie and deflect from the issue. Records show that McClellan resides in Fenton Michigan and that he works at Terumo Cardiovascular in Ann Arbor Michigan.

McClellan runs the ebay 2015greatdeals4u account and also proclaims to be an active seller on amazon. In December 2018 McClellan asked for funds to obtain an order for bulk iphones to resell on ebay and/or amazon. I refused to give any funds prior to McClellan to obtain inventory for his amazon/ebay store because it didnt seem that McCllelan had much success with resale sales on amazon or ebay. I also was anxious that McClellan would just scam me out of my funds. This time I did send over 16,000 dollars of crypto currency to McClellan which is all verifiable and proven on the blockchain

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