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Matcom Telecommunications Inc

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1-855-715-9911

Matcom Telecommunications Inc Reviews

  • Sep 19, 2022

Purchased 18 radios from this company. Company was charging 850$ a month for service. We paid 6k for the radios in full with no finance. The company is refusing the release the radios from their account and are trying to charge a 16k cancellation charge for paid off radios!!!!

Company sold itself as a large provider and come to find out when we signed up we were the largest agency on the platform and only had 2 other company's with less than 5 other users.

They claim to have access to NCIC as a non governmental agency so they are providing fake information to Security Officers and bail agency's in the field. Half the time, his records database is down and can't be used.

Several times per night the dispatcher would fall asleep and not answer officers calls for help nor answer the phone for clients request security response. I got many complaints saying officers couldn't be contacted because dispatch wouldn't answer the phone.

Being that he's the sole dispatcher and so employee of the company on multiple occasions was very rude to my officers in the field over the radio made a hostile work environment with officers on the field. The owner operator this company also owns a security company and has on multiple occasions left the dispatch office to go work security post and or bail bond post instead of being at the dispatch office dispatching for the agencies he has contracted with.

It took an act of God to get the initial agreement put in writing as Mr asks you tried changing the financially agreement multiple times before the agreement was signed. Being that this company uses an odd list of 10 codes officers had to learn on a curve and this dispatcher/owner was very rude officers when they could not catch on within the first couple minutes of being on the platform leading to him making threats of legal action through the FCC claiming that there's Federal FCC investigations open on my agency etc.

Upon contacting the FCC no investigation was ever made against my agency nor have they ever heard of this dispatching company and said we had nothing to worry about here's where it gets better. I started receiving emails from day one from an individual claiming to be the staff attorney under the name of a well-known local attorney.

Even when as far as making legal threats of federal litigation against my agency for not paying him the $16,000 cancellation fee under the name of this attorney that I'm not going to throw under the bus here. Mr Brian created an email and has been impersonating a local attorney sending emails threatening legal action requesting payment etc.

When I contacted this attorney's main number listed on the bar's website I was informed that the attorney had never heard of this individual nor have they ever done business with this individual nor have they ever sent me any emails or tried to collect any funds for matcom and advised me to make a police report with the local police.

I have made the police report and I just wanted to let others know about this scam of a company that will take your money and rip you off. What's the point of paying over 6 grand for radios if you can't take them with you to another provider I might as well just lease the radios I would at least understand why they were disabled the way it sits now it's just a bunch of nonsense.

If you're going to do business using dispatch I would recommend using echo 911.

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