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Master Spas, Inc.

Country United States
State Indiana
City Fort Wayne
Address 7102 Lincoln Pkwy
Phone (260) 459-7727

Master Spas, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2018

We’re now on our 9th month of using this spa. I’ve already tried to work with CS months ago (terrible experience) and they had someone local come look at it.

He convinced me the suction should be that low for safety reasons. I put my hand over the filter holes (without the filters) and there is barely any suction. Even though its been professionally cleaned every 3 months and barely used I still have constant murky water. I use the water clarifiers, the enzymes, the Frog floats, the stain and scale control, and get the water tested at the local hot tub store twice a week.

NOTHING WORKS! Nothing works because it’s as if there are no filters because there isn’t enough suction! The filters are sprayed twice a week, cleaned twice a month. Nothing helps.

Thousands of dollars down the drain. Any one that asks I warn them, don’t get a Master Spa!


Here's the update: #1 Master Spas has made things pretty complicated for people who buy their spas from dealers. It's impossible to know from the paperwork who is responsible for what and who you should contact.

They really know how to insulate themselves from their dissatisfied customers! #2 Noah Barber did reach out to me. His first suggestion to my low suction was to add more shock. I'm not sure how that will help my nonexistent suction in the filter area but at this point I'll try anything.

We went back and forth with multiple emails and at one point (on 9/7/18) he said he "spoke to PDQ Spa about your issue and we are willing to work with them to change your plumbing configuration". Not hearing anything from him about scheduling I messaged him about it. On 9/17/18 he said that PDQ Spa was in the process of transitioning owners. On 9/21/18 I asked if he had heard anything yet.

On 9/24/18 he responded and said he had not and that he would reach out to them. On 9/26/18 I told Noah we would be entering a warranty issue on the Master Spas website an considering getting an attorney as the next step since their vendor, PDQ Spas was not responding. On 9/27/18 Noah again reiterated that PDQ is changing ownership and he would get back to me. It is not 10/20/18, almost a month later and I still haven't heard back form Noah Barber.

I put in a warranty request on the main website on November 12th or 13th and still have not heard anything from Master Spas as of November 20th. I also posted in the BBB website and have not heard a response to that post.

Don't buy a paperclip from this company. It won't work.

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