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MaryRuth Organics

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 1171 S Robertson Blvd #148
Phone 310-955-1353

MaryRuth Organics Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2022

First of all let me say that I am a mom of two and I think all vitamins and supplements are total snake oil. But when it comes to this industry I have noticed some really shady stuff. I stumbled upon a brand called Mary Ruth Organics on Amazon and it had thousands of glowing reviews. Seemed too good to be true so I decided to do just a little research on it.

A simple google search unveiled how Mary Ruth Organics has basically bribed and paid for, and I dont know how many THOUSANDS of people, to leave FAKE REVIEWS on her products on Amazon, Instagram, TikTok and who knows where else. That's right. Mary Ruth buys and pays for her *friends* and *fans*. All of this is done to build an image of a brand loved by moms to convince you to shell out your hard earned money so she can fill her pocket. And she has, just check out the $26.3 million dollar house she just bought in Beverly Hills. I found they use a scammy service called Stack Influence.

This is a reinvention of an old Amazon review scam banned a few years back. The scam goes like this: They have you buy a product on Amazon, wink wink, Leave a review, and refund the money in full on PayPal. The Stack Influence pretends this is for instagram but it's all a way to gain the system on Amazon.

While they don't overtly say it has to be positive, we all know that is just a cheap lawyers dodge. If you are paying somebody or giving away a free product, odds are strong they will say something nice. This is why Amazon bans this practice. No wonder Mary Ruth products have thousands of glowing reviews.

Check out her campaign brief for this scam at

Gaining people's trust by paying for people smiling with your products is just WRONG. Paying influencers and micro-influencers to create false organic and grassroots content is just shady.

Buy on Amazon and refund on PayPal. We get your scam. If Amazon caught them refunding that many payments, it would flag in their system and their selling account would get banned.

Back to the $26.3 million dollar in Beverly Hills. Now that's a far cry from the folksy, down to earth mom, country girl with a bow in her hair Mary Ruth Ghiyam pretends be on her bottle. It just goes to show you this brand is phony, it's Hollywood, and they will get people to buy their products based on illusions such as paid for social media reviews.


So I looked a little deeper into this farse of a brand. Spoiler Alert: SNAKE OIL SALESMAN. Mary Ruth Ghiyam has some seriously puffed up credentials. She has a "certification as a health educator and nutritional consultant". What the heck is that?? I looked it up and she went to something called the Hippocrates Health institute, which looks like some lame online correspondence course. In my opinion very easy to get into. In my opinion this is a person who totally lacks the credentials to make vitamins and supplements that I would be feeding to my kids.

Self-proclaimed health expert.. it's scary! So I am calling a spade a spade. both her and her husband David Ghiyam look to me like a couple of aggressive business people spinning a story about how they are down to earth in foxy, and saying they care about your health. To me it looks like they care more about living in a Beverly Hills mansion that cost $26 million.

Sharks and snake oil salesmen in my opinion. influencing reviews on Amazon and masquerading as a health expert with very puffed up credentials... I hope somebody reports them to Amazon so that the scam doesn't fool any more people and trick them out of their hard-earned money.

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