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Marva A. Barnett

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 60 Lafayette Street

Marva A. Barnett Reviews

  • Feb 6, 2018

NYC Family Court "referee", Marva Barnett has drageed out a case for more than 18 months. My ex-wife is a sick, vindictive long term criminal living with a level 2 sex offender that she has exposed her teen age daughter and school age grandson to for 4+ years.

When my ex and I got in a dispute of spousal support, and her violations of the divorce agreement, she repsoned by (a) filing a false support order, (b) false protection order, and (c) "anonymously" calling my boss and making allegations of prior abuse that got me fired from a $200k/year job. This DESPITE th fact that I proved that all direct contact between us over the 4+ years since the breakup have been initiated by my ex and have been support related and abusive and threatening from her.

Ms. Barnett has been clearly biased towards my ex from the beginning, despite:

1. There is no substantiation to the claim in the actual petition

2. I have filed a counter claim of my own detailing out substantiated abuses by my ex

3. She offered my ex-wife a court appointed lawyer when she told them she makes "$50/wk", without making her fill out a financial summary

4. When I ran out of money and asked for one, she gave me a temporary appointment and demanded I fill out a financial form, income assets, etc and got upset when I pointed out she had not asked my ex-wife for the same making a comment along the lines "You have the right to say things, but some things are better left not being said"

The temporary protection order shows on the NCIC database. This means it shows on background checks and has kept me unemployed. Ms. Barnett has been made aware of this and continues to drag the case out.

Ms. Barnett has had NUMBEROUS complaints and lawsuits filed against her for the same tactics.

The consensus is there could be multiple reasons:

1. She like the sense of power

2. She favors the female in the case

3. When the law favors one party and she favors the other, she uses the system to wear down the other party

4. She uses the system to get low-end lawyers she favors billiable hours by appointment.

She needs to be removed.

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