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Marriott International, Inc.

Country United States
State Maryland
City Bethesda
Address 10400 Fernwood Rd
Phone 1-301-696-2669

Marriott International, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 14, 2022

I had checked into the Court Yard Marriot in Armirilo Tx the Jun the 9 to stay 10 days . My truck had broken down. The room charge was $125.00 a night

Jun 13 at 9pm I went to dinner found out my card was declined when I went to pay for dinner.

After speaking to the bank , I found I had many many transaction from the Hote.

After a infestigation online banking , I found 22 transaction from 900 to 2100 USD on my bank acount from Court Yard Marriot.

I spoke to the Manager who told me I need to call my bank. I told her that I dont need to call my bank this is your mistak and you need to fix it. She wanted me to come into her office to speak to her and to call my bank . I Rufesed and spoke to my bank anyway. At this same time I checked out at the hotel at 1130PM to find no hotel but I refused to stay at this hotel after being charged and treated like this.

  • Nov 4, 2020

I paid and received a confirmation email from Marriott and never received my points purchased. I have called and called and cannot get anywhere with your customer care on the whereabouts of my purchased points. It seems like I have to prove my case beyond a reasonable doubt even though I have evidence to prove my purchase. I have requested someone to personally call me, I have been HUNG up on and my intentions discredited by your customer care staff. I purchased these points in October during the bonus promotion and the points were purchased for a family vacation that I may not have credited in time for my stay.

This has put an undue burden and stress to me by not knowing if I am ever going to get my points in time for my family vacation. Marriott international did not waste any time debiting my credit card for the full amount in a prompt manner but did not fulfill its side in this purchase agreement. I am not a bank to give free loans, and this is exactly what this is because I have not received goods purchased. Marriott would not give my account credit for points without confirmation of payment, so why should I not get what I purchased? I am also going to report this to whoever is willing to listen and the BBB because this is terrible, especially for a long standing platinum elite loyalty member.

  • Aug 2, 2020

This is for the Marriott Towne Place Suites in Lakewood CO. I stayed at this hotel two weeks ago and they double charged me (I had paid on Ok, so no big deal, I called and spoke to someone at the front desk who told me they would refund the charge as well as my pet fee for my inconvenience. Three days later I did not see the credit to my account so I called again. The person I spoke to told me that it might take a day or two so check back. Ok.

I checked my account today a full nine days after my original call and was transferred to the general manager, Heather Etheridge, who told me that if I didn’t know the name of the first two people I spoke to she would not be able to help me because they don’t refund pet fees and no one else does refunds besides her. Ok, well now it’s my problem that I don’t know the inner heirarchy of management at their business to know that the people I was speaking to could not assist with refunding me for the excess charge?

I also told her that I had the time and date stamp of the phone calls so I could give her that information so she could figure out who I was talking to. She told me that there are so many people coming and going at the front desk that she couldn’t possibly tell me who was working at the time and date if I gave it to her. Wow. That sounds pretty irresponsible. Now I just checked my credit card and they charged me AGAIN for my stay. Not refund. CHARGED. I also called Marriott corporate and got hung up on. I will never stay at Marriott again. What horrible customer service.

  • May 17, 2019

The statistics I’ve seen are shocking! There are bed bug issues at a huge percentage of Marriott-owned hotels. Much more of a problem than at any other hotel chain in the U.S. In fact, there are more bed bug incidents at Marriott-owned hotels than the next six hotel chains combined! Marriott has a major bed bug problem to resolve, and they better quickly, or they risk destroying their brand name.

I fully support the new campaign to get Marriott to handle their bed bug problems in a professional manner:

  • Dec 5, 2018

Every year as a loyalty (that I pay for as part of our membership), we receive a one night complementary stay at a Marrtiott hotel level category one through five. On our last anniversary date, I received the email that states that is what we receive again. When I went to use the reward, I was unable to book the hotel but I wanted which was a level five.

It was explained to me that since I had received that email, Marriott had changed the program into a point based program, and now that reward was worth 25,000 points. A category five hotel was 35,000 points. That is always the level of hotel I want to book, and now even though the email states it in black-and-white, I am not allowed to book that. Marriott stole 10,000 points from my account.

I escalated this, because it seems obvious that they should make good on this reward. In the future, they can change their benefits, I get that. But they need to honor the email that was sent to me for this year‘s reward.

I sent an email on their website, I called their vice President of consumer affairs twice, I created a case number and contacted what is supposedly "Mr. Marriott's" office multiple times.

In no less than six weeks I received a call. This person was from the vice President's office of consumer affairs, and she was unaware of my situation. She was just calling me without any knowledge of the situation. I think that was disrespectful -that although everything had been documented and there was even a case number, this company couldn’t even bother to spend the time to review my case before contacting me. So I had to rehash everything with this woman. Her explanation was not that nothing changed. However, she used an analogy of comparing apples to artichokes. I said that in itself is suggesting there is a change - something is different. Nothing additional was offered, so I had wasted six weeks and multiple hours to just get the same result. The only thing our family can do now is no longer stay at Marriotts, and we are canceling our Marriott visa credit card.

It makes me so angry that I have so little power against a huge monster of a company.

  • Nov 7, 2018

They call my work cell phone a number of times each week. I opt out with no result. When I choose to speak with a representative, they immediately hang up as soon as I ask to speak to a manager. I've called Marriott directly. They usually put me on hold and do not return to the line. If they do return to the line then they tell me there is nothing they can do about it.

  • Jul 21, 2016

Marriott is going to zero service and cheap plastic food in-rime "service" even in top-of the line hotels like Marriott mrquie that charges $350+ per night. In the last 14 days , this new "service' has been provided called promising "fresh bites", marriott has stopped servicing food like omellettes, toast or even coffee mugs for breakfast. You cannot even get a hamburger, or chicken burger for dinner. Everything is plastic pre-packaged, containers, platcis utelisils, in plactis/paper bages.

No substitutions allowed. If you what a hamburger, you HAVE to eat one with Ceddar cheese and Bioche buns. This is a race to the bootom of cost-cutting never seen before in a 4 star hotel at a high cost hotel.. The food has crazy ingrediance for food people, that nobody else knows what is (cannot even pronounce 80% of what is on the menu). you don't get a plate, but paper boxes instead; you don't get a class, but paper cups, everything is cheap, cheap, cheap..... at a high price.... I stayed at Marriott for over 800 nights, but next trip to New York is going to be at .

  • Oct 21, 2015

I stayed the weekend of 10/16-10/18 2015 at the Brooklyn Marriott and woke up seeing a bed bug in the bed with me. I called front desk and was moved to another room. They said they did a private investigation and nothing was noticed. I asked to be compensated for the inconvenience and just the thought of sleeping with the bugs and was told there was nothing that would be done and they found nothing during there investigation. I am seeking legal advice and would like to be compensated for atleast one of my nights staying there. I have pictures of the bug dead and alive. If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks..

  • Aug 3, 2015

It has come to my attention that Marriott Corporation has re-billed the disputed amount of 700 $ of my 1200 $ total charged for my five day stay at the St Kitts Marriott earlier this year. Please be advised that I restate my claim for that amount for the following reasons:

1) First and to be clear , it has been stated that Marriott has submitted an itemized list of charges as its " defense " of this charge back. I say directly that as far as the actual billed amounts and totals generated there are no accounting or reporting errors. If the product had been as represented and promised , then those charges would have been acceptable and correct. Marriott makes NO defense , explanation nor mitigation for any of the issues raised. The fact is , that the vast majority of the product was completely unacceptable and the staff and management were unable or unwilling to remedy any part of the situation or follow up on the promise from Marriott corporate to compensate me.

2) I arrived on a Tuesday and was shown to a room that was still under construction. I refused this room and was moved to another. This room was acceptable in so much as that all systems were intact and functional . The first thing that happened was that the door lock ( electronic ) failed and I was locked out of my room. Management repaired this. Second was that the air conditioner unit was impossibly noisy. Management sent workers who spent an hour doing what they could to fix it with some minimal success. While annoying, neither of these issues were and are significant beyond their being an indicator of things to come.

3) Almost immediately I noticed workers staring in the room from the deck even though I was on the 4th floor. It turns out that my room was at roof level of the floor below such that anyone walking on the roof was eye level with my room. Under normal circumstances people wouldn't be walking on the roof, however, as it turned out , the rooms on either side of me and many others in close proximity as well as the hallways were under construction and that the roof area was used as a storage area for materials with workers parading by all the time. As such there was no chance of any daytime privacy unless the blackout curtains were drawn plus the noise from the construction made the room impossible to use during the day. Management said the hotel was full and there were no other rooms to send me to.

4) Tuesday evening was borderline acceptable from a noise standpoint . There was a band playing in the downstairs bar that was loud but they quit early. Tuesday night was the last sleep I got for the five days.

5) From Wednesday on, The noise from the lobby music that ran late into the evenings got so bad as that sleep was impossible . Complaints to management were fruitless as I was told that " there was nothing they could do because the bar was a separate entity over which they had no control "

6 ) On Friday and Saturday the Casino ( also in the lobby ) had a live band that was so loud that at 3 am the room vibrated so badly that the furniture shook and all my belongings ended up on the floor breaking my cell phone. I went to the front desk to complain and met the night manager who said that the casino was a business unto their own and they had no control over what they did and could do nothing. The music went on at 100 db until dawn.

7) On Saturday another room became available which reduced the noise minimally but also had no internet and a barely operational TV and air conditioning. I checked out on Saturday .

Upon returning home I contacted Marriott Corporate directly and was told that the situation was clearly unacceptable and that the resort would contact me directly to arrange compensation. Follow up calls to corporate confirmed that they had authorized the resort to compensate me and that they would follow up but that never happened.

My claim to compensation is based on the Federal Uniform Commercial Code that all United States Corporations operate under ( UCC ) that details the " Implied Warranty of Merchantability and Suitability for Purpose " . This section demands , in effect , that any and all businesses deliver what they promise or what the consumer is led to believe that they promise either explicitly or by those implied warrantees that are associated with their business model. As example , when you pay your phone company for phone service "nationwide " and your phone won't work in Boston, , then they have violated this section and are liable for refund or compensation as a matter of law. In this case , there are several issues in play and MANY failures of the resort to deliver what they promise.

First , Marriott claims to be a " High End " hotel featuring a certain level of amenities and comfort. I knew this to be true of this resort as I have stayed there many times with no complaints what so ever. In this case, however, they have clearly changed the look, feel and function of the resort in some effort to market it differently. It has gone from a quiet and reserved High End Hotel / resort to some low rent Vegas all night deal . If they were changing their focus , they owed it to me to tell me this and I would have stayed elsewhere.

Second, They had an absolute duty to tell me that the hotel was being renovated and that there was ongoing construction daily. I would NEVER have booked there if I had known that there was going to be noise and dust and dirt all day every day making it impossible to relax or use my room in any reasonable sense.

Third , assuming they are not misleading me and if , in fact , the bars in the lobby and the casino operate completely independently with no oversight or control, then they had the absolute duty and responsibility to warn me that there was going to be deafening music all night and that sleep was going to be impossible and that there would be absolutely nothing they could do to mitigate it.

They have failed totally and completely in their obligation and the contract they made with me to supply me with " accommodations suited for purpose " as any reasonable person would understand that to mean.

I spent several thousand dollars to fly to St Kitts to play in an important golf tournament and while the hotel can not be directly blamed for my failure to win, not getting any rest , sleep or relaxation for four days did nothing to help my chances. And make no mistake... that's what I hired them for and that's what Marriott corporation promises... a quiet and well appointed accommodation that anyone that sees a Marriott sign by the side of the road knows and understands the standards they can expect. I could have booked any number of lesser hotels in that immediate area for considerably less money if I had wanted a bad place to stay. Instead , I booked the Marriott at a great deal more money based on the promise that they would deliver a room and circumstances that met or exceeded their declared and promised high standard.

So... my claim and demand is for a 100 % refund for four days of lodging including all associated taxes and fees that represent the Wednesday through Saturday stay which were completely and totally and in all ways completely unacceptable . I remain responsible for and will pay for Tuesday because Tuesday was at least acceptable ( albeit at a minimal standard ) and for any and all other ancillary charges associated with the full five days. It is only the accommodation and relevant environment that were unacceptable in the extreme.

The UCC code and U.S. Federal law holds Marriott directly liable for not delivering what they promised and so do I. The fact that this Marriott exists outside the U.S. does not shield them as they operate directly under the U.S. parent corporation authority and control.

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