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Mark Miller Construction, LLC

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Grantsburg
Address 20708 Medchill Rd
Phone 715-488-2727

Mark Miller Construction, LLC Reviews

  • Dec 2, 2015

The jury is still out on this enterprise for me. This appears to be top quality husband and wife home building contractor business. However to date it has turned out to be a series of ineffective communication errors between the couple or it could just be a "good cop/ bad cop" routine at shaving expenses from the cost of building homes.

As a trades man I can't help but to be impressed with Mr. Markmiller's attention to detail of his home building efforts. As a person doing business with these people I am alarmed at the willingness to short change payments due on invoices and the creative excuses used not to pay monies due.

I am hoping to see that this is more poor communication between the buyer, Dianna Markmiller and husband and not an intentional hustle.

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