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Mark & Shannon Live

Country United States
State California
City Pleasant Hill
Address 586 Palo Alto
Phone 1-855-957-7325

Mark & Shannon Live Reviews

  • May 6, 2016

This 3-day event is chockfull of brainwashing techniques beginning from the first moment you arrive. I came home and my wife noted "you sound brainwashed." We did some research on the topic and found that Mark and Shannon employed a number of classic brainwashing strategies. One day 1, we were told to be there no later than 8am. Then, they just had us all waiting around for an hour, with no where to be, nowhere sit, some people eventually resorted to sitting on the floor. There was no apology for this or even recognition that it was not only weird but very disrespectful of all the attendees who braved commuter traffic, missed work and even traveled from across the country. Once we were finally allowed to sit in the theater, loud music and disco lights were on. A cover band played for 20 minutes. My first instinct was to leave but I suppressed my instincts and had my first glimpse at the power of brainwashing, which while it was happening felt subtle. You never know the agenda and everything is highly controlled. There are no questions and answers, just sharing your feelings which Mark and Shannon are then able to respond to and perfectly guide you toward adopting their espoused beliefs. Before lunch on the first day, you will be asked to donate $100 to Mark and Shannon's charity of choice. You will have learned no skills to become an inspirational speaker at that point. You will be told that your discomfort in handing over your money is all about your own personal problems. Asking for money is a classic tool used by brainwashers to test subjects for how well the mind programming is working and to strengthen allegiances. In short, Mark and Shannon are very skilled manipulators. They are preying on "conscious, heart-centered" business owners who are "desperate and overwhelmed." Trust your own instincts as early as possible.

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