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Marissa Dick and Daniel Weih

Country United States
State Ohio
City Westlake
Phone 216-570-2179

Marissa Dick and Daniel Weih Reviews

  • May 18, 2023

I contacted A Marissa d**k on Facebook regarding a hot water tank that she advertised for $150. When she communicated with me, she told me that the tank belonged to Dan at 216-570-2179. I spoke with Dan and we came to an agreement that he would sell the hot water tank to me for $150 and he would charge me an additional $100 to bring it to my address in Youngstown. Daniel insisted that I pay via Western Union. Daniel Weih delivered the tank but he didnt stick around, he just left the tank in the driveway and drove away fast. I hired a plumber to come over and install the hot water tank but I was told it didnt work. My plumber said it was leaking heavily and the tank was dead.

Since then, I have attempted to contact Dan Weih and he refuses to return my calls. I have attempted to contact Marissa d**k, and she blocked me and report the item sold. I made a report to Facebook, and waiting to see if they respond. As of today, I am out $250 and stuck with a bad hot water tank.

I recommend that NO ONE does business or any transactions with Marissa d**k and Daniel Weih. They scammed me out of $250 and they knew the hot water tank did not work. Beware of the Facebook posts for anything for sale onder either one of these names.

There is another situation related to this incident that I am investigating. Stay turnd for a possible additional report.

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