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Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 3540 Caminito El Rincon, #82
Phone 858 375 6652
Website Reviews

  • Oct 16, 2017

I attempted to call this "business" and even attempted a walkin to the Biogenetics Lab advertised on eMarijuanaClones Marijuana Clones Los Angeles Marijuana Plants Online and Biogenetics Lab Inc This is not a real cannabis Biogenetics lab, and I actually work in a tissue culturing genobreeding cannabis facility, and hold IP related to proprietary tissue culturing and genobreeding. The StrainBank/BioGenetics lab is a #Scam from JP Ramirez, who is the current Whois owner for both domains! Noone answers, this is not a real biz.

Also the owner of StrainBank is also same individual, and he ripped me off on my cannabis plants and my whole garden needs to be tossed now. This place is an ultimate joke. Call them if you want. Ask for Keeyana Castellani or John R Ramirez... They were extremely helpful at confusing me, and their deception is ultimately much worse than the plants they sent me.

JP Ramirez I called your personal cell phone number (which I have the courtesy to not release to the public), and you have totally scammed me and other members of my local circle of growers. your reputation on facebook is similar to a street hoodlum slumlord who demands rent from mommy and daddy, and demoralizes members of the community.

JP Ramirez and John R Ramirez (Riverside,CA): you both have deceived, abused, and dismembered humans with rights and as District Attorney, I feel like you put so many people behind bars that were in our industry, that you should be 100% banned from the industry. Your law firm does not represent marijuana clients and your son advertises to people that you do!

I called you several times to try to work this out. Neglecting your clients who spend hard earned cash with you is the most illogical thing I can imagine. I tried to work this out with you but keep getting the "run around" so I just called another marijuana clone company who told me to get word out on this situation, so now I'm resorting to making this conversation public.

The first time I ordered your Gorilla Glue 4 strain, I called several months after finishing the flower and asked if I could get "something different than what I got last time" plus the REAL actual Gorilla Glue 4 strain that you have advertised on your website. As politely as possible, I explained that the Gorilla Glue 4 you sent was totally a sativa with racing thoughts and paranoia and my experience with Gorilla Glue 4 was more of a haze-like fog of good mellow thoughts and also the smell was very different, and buds looked nothing like any Gorilla Glue 4 I have ever seen. I have ordered the real Gorilla Glue 4 from some of your competitors, but that is not what this conversation is all about.

The point being on my most recent order that I specifically asked you to give me something different than what I got from you last time, because it was terrible and spindly airy and weightless, and I asked most importantly to receive the real Gorilla Glue 4 , the one advertised on your website Marijuana Plants Online, and what do I get instead?

You guessed it. The same strain you sent me last time, and something different that was not Gorilla Glue 4 again. I'm not really interested in sativas and it seems to me that is all that you have here. That and hokus pokus hot air.

Clones could have looked better too -

1. Almost no roots, second order

2. Small and puny, both times

3. Some unidentified bug is making webs on my plants

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