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Maple Ridge Hyundai

Country Canada
City Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Address 23213 Lougheed Hwy
Phone 1 604-467-3401

Maple Ridge Hyundai Reviews

  • Jan 20, 2021

Bought a 1/2 ton truck. Went to upgrade tires at Kal-tire and was told to go back to the dealer to correct the tires as they are not adequate for the truck especially if towing as it is a safety issue. Went for a second opinion at maple ridge Tireland and they said they would not put these tires on this truck. Went for a third opinion from Dodge and was told “hell no I would not recommend those tires, especially if your towing.” Which I have towed my travel trailer with these tires right after I bought the truck.

Got a fourth opinion from Michelin, as these are Michelin tires, and was told if anything had happened they would void the warranty. i called the sales rep that sold the truck, who knew I wanted to tow with it, and was put into contact with a parts manager whom I received an email from. I replied to the email twice with the tire size I need with a few options for them. Haven’t heard back for over two weeks. Called today and talked with with the parts manager and am waiting for a response.

I'm hoping they can get me the tires I need and not charge me more than the difference between the two sets or compensate completely for putting myself and my family at risk. Then there is the oil change fiasco which I can deal with by not going there for oil changes ever again. I was reassured that the truck had had a “rigorous safety inspection” before I bought it and when I called about this tire issue.

The tires are Michelin Latitude Tour P265/60/R18 109T

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