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Mantena Real Estate LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Windermere
Address 12326 Park Avenue
Phone (407) 242-2874

Mantena Real Estate LLC Reviews

  • Nov 21, 2021

Raju Mantena is notorious for NOT paying his contractors, employees and staff. He's accumulated millions of dollrs by doing this. He's bought and sold companies by and hides behind them claiming that he no longer has to pay and tells his debt collectors to take him to court. His attornies are better and that he who has the most amount of money will always win and he is not going to pay. Raju owes millions of dollars in back debt and recent current debt. Raju Mantena continues to practice this behavior and it really shows with his "better than thou" attitude.

I am writing because I was assured that he would pay me by his servants that he has working for him and for him directly. But now, he says that he doesn't have to pay because I waited over 90-days to collect my money. I didn't wait, he just wouldn't pay me after repeated attempts to collect. He said that the work that was done was good but he still won't pay. I have documentation and signed agreements and he still won't pay.

Raju Mantena of Windermere is a MONSTER and does not pay his bills. He may be above the law, but he is NOT above the Internet. He owes a lot of money!!! I have spoken with 6 other individuals about brining a class action lawsuit against him. Everybody wants to wait 20 more days to see if this gets his attention. If it doesn't, then, they will have there answer. I want everyone else to be paid back before me. I heard some of there stories and they aren't pretty. Raju Mantena of Windermere is truly a MONSTER!

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