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Maitin Security & Fire

Country United States
State Texas
City Baytown
Address 3128 Michigan St
Phone (281) 917-1545

Maitin Security & Fire Reviews

  • May 22, 2018

Eddy is a big fraud expert. If you google his company name, there are several people who have written about him cheating, not showing up, and this is exactly what he has done with us. Please for God's sake this man needs to stop. Too many of us are getting duped by him. This is ridiculous

  • Aug 2, 2017

Whatever you do...DO NOT do business with Eddie Maitin of Maitin Security. We contracted with him after finding him on Home Advisor to install security cameras around our home. He and one other worker showed up for the job. He would not sit down with us to plan where to put the cameras...instead he "promised" (a word he misuses frequently) that all parts of the property would be covered. We had an "extra" camera so he suggested we place it in the garage. While completing the work, his worker knocked a hose free from our hot water heater in the attic. Had we not had leak detectors, it would have come through our ceiling and flooded the house. His worker also knocked over a pot full of flowers on the front porch and instead of letting me know he just stuffed them all back in (upside down even) and most died. In addition, his worker knocked a glass globe light fixture over in the garage and it shattered. Again, nobody let us know. We paid him in full that day.

As if all this wasn't bad enough....that evening when we finally got a chance to review the footage....we immediately realized that Eddie left an entire area in our backyard unprotected (behind our master bedroom window no less). We contacted Eddie immediately and he stated he would come move the "extra" camera from the garage to the back yard where it was needed to get full coverage. Keep in mind he created permanent holes in our house to place the cameras where he did, now we would have the expense of fixing the holes. He never came that week but promised to come the next week. Next week...nothing. 3rd week he promised to come...but said he'd charge us. After explaining to him that the job was not completed to begin with and we would not be paying him again to do what he "promised" to do in the first place. He agreed that it was the right thing to do and that he would come fix it. Many "promised" dates were followed by excuses for not coming or just not showing up at all without notifying us. We finally had to pay someone else to complete his work and are being forced to take him to court for reimbursement. We sent him the bill and offered for him to pay it to avoid going to court.....but we never heard back from him. It's a long process but he IS responsible and will ultimately pay!!!

He likes to throw the word "promise" around a lot. There's one thing that I can promise...and it is that you'll regret the day you ever contacted Maitin security. Please call someone else.

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