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Maitin Security

Country United States
State Texas
City Baytown
Address 3128 Michigan St
Phone 281-917-1545

Maitin Security Reviews

  • Mar 22, 2017

On 7/2/15 I entered into contract with Eddy Maitin/Maitin Security and put a deposit check #4034 for the amount of $4000.00. My new building was under construction and I needed security system installed by 9/2015 when we were scheduled to move in. After a couple weeks Eddy had a worker out to run some cables. The worker ran into the side of my new building causing 500.00 in damage because he didn't know how to operate the lift. After that I made several attempts to have Eddy come out and finish the install or at least install the cameras. The contract was for $11,325.00. On 8/24/2016 Eddy asked for another 2000.00 deposit (ck # 4396) because it was a large job and there was a lot of equipment purchases. I agreed and gave the additional deposit. We moved into the facility Labor Day Weekend. Still no security and Eddy was extremely hard to get to answer the phone. When he did answer, it was an excuse. Finally after exhausted all efforts to get him out, I hired Stanley Security for $5705.00 for the camera portion and $2125.00 for the alarm portion. This beat Eddy's bid by 3500.00. Eddy ran analog cables when I was told I was getting digital.

Long story shortened, I wanted to wait until the court settled the lawsuit because I knew he would get on here to rebuttal my comments. I offered Eddy a settlement of $4995.00 giving him credit for the cable he ran and not charging him for the $500.00 in damage he caused to my building that I had to pay for. I will be pursuing collection on the judgment that was awarded me today by way of Abstract Judgment. I do not take lightly anyone stealing or ripping me off. I do not lie, cheat or steal from my customers and only state the facts without the evidence or proof to back me up. That is why I gave the case number before I even started my comments. My name and last initial will not be hidden as he stated the other person was fake for leaving an anonymous review. I would be more than happy to post the court documents but I cant. You can pull them up for yourself at

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