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Country United States
State Connecticut
City Stamford
Address 225 High Ridge Rd
Phone 1 (877) 516-2381
Website Reviews

  • Aug 1, 2022

When I called them they have this robot-talking-friendly offering to cancel and again introduced another slimy way of auto charging for another new term, If you are not paying close attention to the tricky words you are once again on the hook for another term.

Finally, I had enough of that nonsense and asked to talk to a Human being. I talked to a Persona who identified himself as Mr. William Davis. He was polite but when I said I got tricked, he stuck to his guns and said something to the effect of "you signed up didn't you"?

Anyway, he promised to cancel and he did and said some amount will be sent back that is left over. Let me wait to see that happening.

Anyways, I have taken the trouble of signing up to create an account in "Rip off-site" just to make this complaint because I feel so bad about it. in fact, I am infuriated. Such frauds should not be allowed to operate. Hey Publishers of Time Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Sound and Vision Magazine. Wake up, you fellows. You don't need fraudsters to promote your subscriptions. Are you all same or what?

These guys have rattled me so much that I have lost faith in subscriptions or

any such online.

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