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Magnum Security & Collection, LLC.

Country United States
State California
City Beverly Hills
Phone (310) 429-4589

Magnum Security & Collection, LLC. Reviews

  • Feb 15, 2021

Likely fake collection agency, representing a client who we 'fired' for abusive conduct with us, and we redunded the client purchase after telling client (a convicted felon) we did not want to work with him. Client was refunded Feb. 15 within couple hours of cancelling/rejecting his public relations project wth our company. The former client threatend to send a collection agency after us (after we had already emailed copies of refund info back to his credit card, which is how refunds work).

We then got a fake collection warning from "Magnum Services Inc" using a personal @gmail account, which no legitimate legal company would do. Here is email we were sent: "Refund NAME $898.99 within 24 hours or me and my associates are coming over there to have a little chat with you. YOU HAVE 24 HOURS TO ISSUE HIM A FULL REFUND. This will be the only notice you will receive about this matter.Very truly yours,

NAME REMOVED Collection Supervisor Magnum Services Inc." Obviously a concern there in potential personal threat. Send associates to have a chat with me? Children please. I provided proof of the refund via STRIPE payment gateway with transaction numbers. So, tonight (apprently this ageny only works at night) -- and I suspect another fake company related to the company. --------------- Mr. Simmons, You did not refund Mr. Comisar’s $898.99 as you promised you would. Therefore, we have given your case to our field collection agents for immediate in-person collection. Please have the full amount of $898.99 ready to hand over to our agents to close your account and avoid any further actions. If you already processed the refund please reply to this email with documented verification. If we need to send agents over to collect in person, extra fees will be added to your debt. Complaints have already been posted on Google, The Rip Off Report, and other fraud reporting websites. Whenever someone Googles you or your companies (SEND2PRESS or NEOTROPE) the negative complaints will be displayed at the top of your search results. These complaints never go away and are carved in stone forever. Rob Strong, CEO Magnum Security & Collection LLC 8383 Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 429-4589 ----------------------------

We again provided proof of the refund having been processed on the 15th (today is the 16th). Again, threats and intent to damage our reputation without merit, which is an actionable legal matter, beyond the threats. Obviously if an actual and not fake company, these folks act in a dysfunctional, potentially legally dangersous manner and should be avoided at all costs.

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