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Magic Chef

Country United States
State Maryland
City Baltimore
Phone 410-235-7764

Magic Chef Reviews

  • Jan 3, 2018

I purchased a Magic Chef Washer / Dryer Combo unit for a high end rental in Baltimore. I lasted 3 months and we have a problem with the unit. I contacted Magic Chef customer service for getting the unit repaired. I have contact their offices 4 times before finally on the 5th time I am told that their repair company is not interested in doing warranty work for Magic Chef. So they told me to cut the cord send a picture and then they will send me a refund for the cost of the machine. Now the machine was $800 plus shipping and tax which brings me to $987. In order to get a new machine I have to purchase have new unit delivered again, pay to have old broken unit removed, new unit installed again and I need to give something to my tenants who have been paying rent on time but have had no use of their washer/dryer for 30 days now and possible another 15 to 30 days til a new unit goes in. Who has ever heard of this way to run a business. I am a small business owner with Three separate companies. I would go out of business with this kind of service. I ask if I could just repair the machine myself with one of our licensed repair techs and they could just reimburse me. They said no. I checked on why they have no repair companies who would do warranty work for Magic Chef. Well it seems that they dont pay the contractors. So what makes me think they would pay me. And why should I take a loss on their product. I am not asking for a replacement I am asking for it to be repaired. I have been in real estate management for over 26 years so I know the unit can be repaired. This is not the way to treat customers.

What can be done? I could not find any names or contacts of CEO for Magic Chef which is owned by a foreign company. Any assistance or advise would be most appreciated.

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