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Made Pure Skin

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando

Made Pure Skin Reviews

  • Feb 8, 2018

Free trial anti age cream ads were bombarding my interent browser fb and even my Instagram for 3 months i would click on it and look for the "CATCH" but i couldn't find one anywhere and i really LOOKED! I finally gave in and said yes rush me my free trial of the eye serum that was 100% proven to work because all 5 sharks were backing investors SO IT MUST BE GOOD! I couldn't wait to get my serum and just before check out a big ad saying we have sone face cream available do you want to try it for free all you pay is shipping. 4.95 each you pay only 9.90 for both? WELL YEAH!! it says in the ad you have a free trial period of time... but it never said how long that time period was! i thought it was a 30 day free trial you find out after14 days when your second package arrives that its a 14 day trial! After the a second package arrived your wt??? immediately i got worried! i check the box No return label No return address? the invoice hasnt any price nor does it have a phone# to call if you have any questions! whats going on? you basically have to start doing your own research to find out, and by then its to late youve already been scammed! There is no number to call, no return address on the shipping box, No email address, NO contact info absolutely zero information on the company and there's no way to cancel! Your fukd! Now you start the long inconvenient process of calling your credit card co where you find out that you cannot dispute the charge because somewhere it says you agreed to buy these 100.00 creams once a month forever! I wouldve never asked for my Absoultly FREE trial had they just let me in on what i agreed to before i unknowingly agreed! I WANT THESE PEOPLE TO STOP SENDING ME THEOR PRODUCT BECAUSE I DONT WANT IT I CAN'T afford it! PLEASE BEWARE

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