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Made by Guerrilla

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Knoxville

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  • Aug 13, 2016

I paid him $75 in response to an assurance that he would do the work in a timely manner. I paid him and he said "I"m grabbing dinner in about 30 minutes and will be right back after that and start getting everything sorted for you."

Then nothing. He wrote back and said he had been away from the computer would would be doing it "tomorrow early in the am".

Next day: "a little more swamped this morning that I though"....He said he would get back to me that evening.

In the meantime, I did the work on my own and he did not get back to me. The next day I he said he had created the categories I wanted....but I created them in advance. The next day I simply told him I did not need his help.

Upshot: I paid $75 promptly and was forced to keep asking to get the work done.

Beware---I think he is lazy and makes promises he does not keep.

  • Apr 2, 2016

We (as a company) had posted a job on hoping to find some experienced freelancers to polish and fix up our websites. Mike contacted us from this job posting and he seemed very friendly and extremely fast to respond. We were promised websites completed by end of December, as we had 2 tradeshows taking place in January which we wanted to have new websites for. Mike, ultimately is a friendly and nice guy but he lies so much that it has been incredibly frustrating for us. He did finish one of the websites (we asked him for 2) but it was such a simple job and to be honest didn't have that many features. He really could have finished that website in 2 days.

For the second website (the one that we are disputing now), he sent us updates that had little to no progress and STILL to this day the website is far from finished. Not only did he never finish the project.. he keeps lying about it. Makes us look like a bunch of fools over here because we really have no options. Now we have to find some sort of way to get a refund ... literally a waste of time.

I have already approached him SEVERAL times about a refund (He charged us $2000 for 2 websites, and I only asked for partial back since he DID complete 1 website) and he evades that like the plague. He keeps making excuses that He has literally disappeared for 2 weeks and I'm left only assuming that something terrible has happened to him (rather than the reality of him literally being lazy and leaving the project to one side)

Anyone who reads this, PLEASE be careful when you are choosing Mike Smith (not even sure if thats his real name) to complete your project. I hope he doesn't do any of this to anyone else.

If you are really honest Mike, you should stop all the bulls**** and give us our money back.

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