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report scam


Country Canada
City Etobicoke, Ontario
Address 2667 Islington Ave
Phone 1 647-847-4511


  • May 9, 2018

I purchased this computer from MAAS Computers store on Monday, April 16th for $750 cash. You did NOT advise me of any no refund policy.

Initially, when I asked Vishal for a receipt he stated that he don't give a receipt for cash purchase until the police were called and you were forced to issue my receipt.

Bearing in mind less than 24hr I had to return the computer to your store as it was NOT working and I was not able to use it, its was getting hot fast, the screen was frozen etc.

Upon arrival, at the store on the following day, Tuesday, April 17th, Vishal inspected the computer and CLEARLY acknowledge he gave me the wrong computer, HE EVEN STATED that HE mistakenly labeled the product with the wrong sticker. Furthermore, HE said instead of a 4gb you will give 8gb for the inconvenience.

He charged me for a 2012-2013 MacBook Air. Both of us agreed that was what I was purchasing. Therefore, I am expecting to have 2012-2013 MacBook Air render to me. When I got home and turn on the laptop I realized it was a 2011 model

Vishal accessed and inspected the computer and said he knew what was wrong, and at that point, he asked me to wait while he fixed it. Vishal then took the computer to the back of your store attempting to repair with a screwdriver and I asked him why are you replacing the part from the computer I brought back, to the 12-13 computer he was about to give me. He didn't answer and then closed the door so I couldn't see what he was doing.

The situation ESCALATED and Maas staff got upset with us when other customers came to your store listened to our story and acknowledged that the way they handle the situation was WRONGFUL, UNFAIR & UNPROFESSIONAL. After the customers left Abbi THROWBACK the computer at us saying it will not be fixed because we're shouting caused his customers to leave WITHOUT buying. When we mentioned the police, Abbi says " I can win and say the computer was tampered with".

Yes, we were upset and shouting because we felt as if we were being ignored and treated degrading at this point, possibly I feel it's also due to our race. They attended to all your customers that walked in after us. I asked them about it and Vishal said, it's because he is an only one who deals the person who repairs the products.

After about 3 hrs the police was called while waiting for the POLICE to arrive, Mohammed & Vishal was calling us names, saying BLACK PEOPLE ARE STUPID AND IGNORANT AND THAT WHY HE HAS TO PUT A AUTOMATIC SECURITY LOCK TO ALLOW ENTRY IN THE STORE. Mohammed Ali said called my bf a n***a, HE SAID THERE NOTHING WE CAN DO TO WIN HE JUST HAVE TO SAY WEE TAMPERED WITH THE PRODUCT SO WE DONT EVEN GET FIX. HE WAS CLEARLY UPSET THAT SO MANY CUSTOMERS CAME TO HOS STORE TO BUY AND DIDNT NOT BUY. He said we cause him to TOO MANY CUSTOMERS because ALL the customers were AGAINST the UNJUST manner in which we were tested

POLICE advised us NEVER to buy from you again because they are constantly in Maas business place dealing with unfair and unjust matters.

The police, MAAS and I all agreed for MAAS to deliver what I paid for and it to be in proper working condition. At that point, I left the computer at your store. Shortly after, I called confirm Vishal to have it fixed.

Also, I was advised by the police after getting the computer back from you to have it inspected by either Apple or Best Buy Technician. Once, I advised Maas i will be getting the computer inspected, they called wrote back and said it would be fixed because it was heavily tampered with.

WHY, WHY, WHY, would I tampered with a computer I bought less than 24hrs and I know I have 6mth warranty??? If I knew about computers I definitely would not have gone there, to begin with!

It's now been over 3 weeks without any communication. Whenever I called Maas, they say they are busy with customers.