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Lynn Tuttle

Country United States
State Washington
City Mercer Island
Address 2448 76th Ave SE Ste 207
Phone (206) 381-0121

Lynn Tuttle Reviews

  • Mar 3, 2018

I have seen some very unethical law professionals, but Lynn Tuttle is the worst. She unprofessional, disorganized, loses critical paperwork, and then blames it on her non-existent assistant (I have not seen a sign of another human in her office), runs late for appointments, including court appearances, and overall HORRIBLE AND HUMAN-UNFRIENDLY. She is cold, capricious, vicious, ignores facts from other, more qualified professionals, seems to be the "KNOW IT ALL" kind. STAY AWAY FROM THIS EVIL, WHO DESTROYED MY KIDS' AND MY LIFE!!!

She unethically engaged with one party, who immediately convinced her that the other party was the worst parent ever. The bias was felt by me from the very first email from Lynn. He is very haughty, privileged, and treated me like I was trash. She rescheduled appointments repeatedly, including on the day of the appointment, while the children's activities had to be canceled to accommodate her shifting schedules. She ignored the witnesses from my side, and kept regurgitating the other party's witness lies, provided by that family's worst representatives. Many of them refused to participate in the mud slinging, including my mother-in-law. Lynn interviewed the kids, and anything they said about the other party, she blamed on me - I was not even there when the kids experienced all of this!!! She completely ignored the kids' wishes - and she is supposedly there to protect their interests?! She sure was not! She made the kids so uncomfortable with her interrogation, that they dreaded the very name. One of them eventually just shut her off during her multi-hour questioning, because she kept asking the questions to trip him, to get him to say what she wanted to hear - that is a direct quote from the child. She was there to support the lies the other party fed her. She made up her mind on the case before she even met me or the kids. She is the worst and DANGEROUS! PLEASE SAVE YOUR KIDS A LOT OF ANXIETY, AND KEEP THEM AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE INDIVIDUAL, WHO SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO TOUCH HUMANS, FORGET DEALING WITH CHILDREN!!!

She quotes one price, but throughnever-ending re-schedulings and delays charges one about double. BEWARE!!!

P.S. I have seen reviews, which confirm my experience - see, and Google+ reviews

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