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Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles

Lyft Reviews

  • Dec 1, 2016

I drove my personal vehicle for Lyft for two weeks, maybe a bit more. They refused me instant pay (express pay) their reason was my debit card was a pre pay, so I got a bank card and added it. I still could not get instant pay. This made it difficult to keep driving. Now, backing up, the supposedly sent my first earnings payout to my original pre pay bank card but by the time I got to the ATM to withdraw it, it was gone and no record of any transactions in the amount was supposedly paid. I took it as identity theft and canceled that card. I got a new one about 7 days later. Still no instant pay. I earned another payout and it did not make it into my new bank. I alerted them and changed back to the NEW prepay account. After hounding them via twitter, which is the only way to communicate with Lyft (cheesey) they still to thus day, refuse my what they owe. The total amount they owe us 280.00 I want a lawyer to sue them for damages in causing me to fail a business start up.

  • Aug 19, 2015

I signed up for a $500 cash promo to become a new driver, and my interviewer said everything was in order, but then I randomly find out a few weeks later that somehow the promo code didn't get processed into the system, and there is somehow no way to retroactively add it.

What a scam! Avoid working for this dishonest company.

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