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LVNV Funding LLC

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Greenville
Address P.O. Box 10497

LVNV Funding LLC Reviews

  • Mar 9, 2020

Validation of debt transfer is not proven, from LVNV I don't know where this debt is coming from and have not been contacted about it. This is listed on my credit report as potentially negative major derogatory 03/07/2020 is collection yes open date 03/03/2020 payment status Grid code G (collections) I don't know where this debt is coming from as I just received a letter from Midland Credit Management 350 Camino De La Reina Suite 100 San Diego CA 92108 1/16/2020.

Original Creditor Credit One Bank NA for 1,178.53 Dear , Thank you for your recent communication. We have reviewed our records and are writing to provide the following update: We have closed your account and ceased collections. You have no further obligation regarding this account. Please call Consumer Support Services at 877-382-6063 if you have any additional questions. Tim Bolin Consumer Support services

On May 22, 2000 Midland's parent corporation, Encore Capital Credit Group, Inc, acquired all of West Capital Financial Services Corporation. State of Alaska, District of Columbia, et al., v Midland Credit Management Inc. The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or admisnistrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.

On November 27, 2018 Midland Credit Management Inc. entered into an assurance of Voluntary Compliance/Asssurance of Discontinuance with the State of Alaska and et al. The Assurance settles allegations that the business used illegal tactics to collect unverified debts by failing to verify debt information and failing to properly document debts.

Under terms of the Assurance, the business agreed to provide debt releif and compensation in the amount of $577,783 to District of Columbia consumers, $25,000 to each state for restitution, provide accurate information about valid debts, pay a $6 million penalty to the States, stop debt-reselling for two years, properly oversee and train its agents. The Assurance was for settlement purposes only and should not be considered as an admission of guilt or finding of violation of the law. This action is final.

Also, Sec, 207. [42 U S.C.407] (a) The right of any person to any future payment under this title shall not be transferable or assignable, at law or in equity, and none of the moneys paid or payable or rights exisiting under this title shall be subject to execution, levy, attachment, garnishment, or other legal process, or to the operation of any bankruptcy or insolvency law.

I'm very very exhausted, this is my last round with this mess I made. In other words I will never touch, apply, or even think about a credit card for the rest of my remaining life I got left with my right hand on the bible. Here are the credit cards to not get: Credit One Bank, and a few others I will add to my list later. Once I get out of this I'm never going to touch these cards ever again.

  • Nov 28, 2016

A Citi debt that I had voluntairly paid on had been turned over to LVNV Funding, handled by attorney firm in Macon GA! Three years ago we went to court and agreed upon a settlement of $1,575.00, approved and signed by Judge in Newton Co GA! For over 3 years a monthly check was drawn on my account, recently I checked and realized that I had OVER PAID them - yet they were still showning a balance of over $1,000!

Also - luckily I had saved their statements, and after reviewing them, I realized that even on the first statement they listed the Full amount - NOT the agreed amount, as ordered by the Judge!

I have filed a Motion, and we have a hearing on Friday Dec. 2nd!

  • Sep 23, 2015

LVNV funding is violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, the Fair Billing Practices Act, The Fair Credit Reporting Act. They are reporting something on my credit report which is unverifable. I want them them to provide me with every single montly statement from the original creditor so that I can review with a consumer rights attorney. These laws state in laymens terms is that everything that is reported on your credit report must be one hundred percent accurate and once hundred percent verifiable. Other wise it cannot stay on your credit report.

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