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report scam

Luxury Motor Club

Country United States
State New York
City Franklin Square
Address 790 Hempstead Turnpike
Phone 516-214-4900

Luxury Motor Club Reviews

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  • Apr 11, 2016

Dealer responded and the sales manager left a message talking so fast it sounded like the small print in one of those car radio ads. I called him back and he was pretty short with me seeming annoyed that I was asking questions about the car. I am almost 100 miles from the dealer and wanted as much info as possible before making the drive. He said he would email me the carfax report but never did. I showed up and the car was supposedly "sold" so they offered me another car.

I asked for the carfax for the "similar" car and it looked clean. I asked a mechanic friend of mine to run the VIN for the full report and he found out the full extent of the car's history. It had prior accidents and several owners that did not show up on the carfax. The lies, rationalizations, excuses, and constant attempts to charm and kill me with verbal kindess seemed like they were compensating for something big. I left and didn't look back.

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  • May 11, 2016

Friend referred me to them

I was referred to Jack by a co-worker. He was a gentlemen to deal with. I love my Mercedes E350 really clean car, great price! Very Grateful - Marc

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  • May 3, 2018

They added thousands of dollars to the advertised price, submitted it to the bank without disclosing any of the so called fees to me. Now im in the process of suing them for false advertisement and violation of the Truth and Lending Act. Not a trustworthy place.

  • Jun 8, 2017

low price scam

called about a bmw 328 was priced lower than most seemed like a great buy. Called and spoke with naomei . I said I was from nh and would send a bank check for 10,000,00 and finance the rest . I have a credit rating over 800 no problem . She told me they could not do this I would have to drive from nh and hope the car was still there . This has bait and switch written all over it. I would have the car shipped to me they would get the full asking price for the car, could it be any easier. but no they want me to drive down and hope the car is there!!!! Stay as far away from these people as you can they will try to milk you as much they can what are you to do when you drive all that way .

  • Oct 20, 2016

If I could rate negative stars for this experience, I would. I spent several weeks searching for the perfect BMW, including options, trim, color, mileage and of course, price. I drove nearly 3 hours to see the vehicle, which was behind their store. I wasn't offered to drive the vehicle, just to sit in it and start it while listening to the engine. Despite the odd sales tactic, I decided to pursue given the lower cost compared to numerous other dealerships: BMW and others. I was ready to pull the trigger less than a week later and called Yuri with the good news. Given my long distance from the dealership, I asked about placing a deposit on the car. He told me they wouldn't accept deposits, but would "hold" the car for me for 2 days. I made the necessary arrangements with my bank the next day, purchased a certified bank check and notified my insurance company of my new purchase.

By 3 pm the day before I was set to pick up my car, my insurance company had sent over ID cards and a binder to Yuri. I was "home free"! So excited. I reach out to Yuri later that evening to confirm my arrival time the next morning, only to speak to Jack - his partner, notifying me that my car had been sold to a guy that came in and paid cash. My car was sold right out from under me, less than 12 hours from when I would drive to Long Island and drive it home. Who does this??? They were apologetic, and Yuri’s partner Jack tried to put me in a car that he said was “exactly” the same, with even lower mileage. However, there is a big difference on a car with rear-wheel drive compared to all-wheel drive. These guys must think we’re all idiots, just ready to open our checkbooks while bending over. If I could stress that there is a reason why these cars are so cheap, and that the stereotypical car salesmen work at this outfit, it's the truth. Pay a bit more to walk into a reputable dealership rather than go look at a car that is buried in a driveway behind the dumpster. These are the guys that give the rest of that industry a bad name. Crooked, dishonest and lack of professionalism is scratching the surface with these scoundrels. Buyers Beware!!!!

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