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Luxrally Travel

Country United States
State Alabama

Luxrally Travel Reviews

  • Sep 5, 2022

I found out about Luxrally on Youtube. I filled their inquiry form on the website, and was contacted by the CEO David Eisen. He seemed like a decent enough guy on the phone, so I decided to book a trip with them.

We ended up designing a complicated itinerary through South America. The total cost of the itinerary, including private jet charter costs was almost half a million dollars.

Few days before the trip, David contacted me saying that they had made a mistake and accidentally invoiced me too little for the private jet charter and insisted that I wire an additional $100k or the flights would be cancelled without a refund.

I patiently explained to David that I won't be wiring him any money, we had previously discussed and agreed to a specific price. It was too late for him to ask for more. He followed through with his threats and cancelled the flight.

Without the charter flight, I was unable to take advantage of the hotel rooms I had spent hundreds of thousands on. I could've flown commercial to the first part of the trip, but without the charter jet I wouldn't have been able to continue further with the itinerary.

I spent a couple days bugging David Eisen for a refund. He kept telling me how it's all my fault, how I could definitely afford to pay the money, how it was my own stupidity for not paying him that cost me $500k. Eventually he just blocked me and started ghosting me everywhere.

David Eisen and LuxRally Travel stole a bit over $500000 from me, that's half a million dollars.

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