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Luminant Skin

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Address 1845 Elm Hill Pike
Phone 855-260-8634

Luminant Skin Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2017

I saw this free trial offer and decided to give it a try as i was told i would be charged for shipping. My account was charged five times in July 2017, i received the products. I received a second shipment in August and my account was charged twice. I never gave approval for second shipment nor for my account being charged other than for shipment. I am unable to get through to them....please help me. Yes i used my credit card and only saw the charges in September.

  • Sep 26, 2015

I purchased a face cream named Luminant Skin on a 14 day trial, I had purchased the item on September 10, as told that I would receive the product within two business days, I received the product on September 12, my trial date would end I assumed on September 26, being that that would be 14 days.

Well I called the company up on September 23, letting them know that I did not care for thier product, and the operator I spoke to ignored what I was saying , and insisted to offer 50% discount on the actual price, I would reply, " no thanks" then he would put me on hold again, then would come back on the line with another offer, and hardly would let me get a word in. I asked why was I offered a discount when I haven't purchased anything and that I am calling within my 14 day trial, and he refused to honor what I had to say. I ask to speak to his supervisor and again I was put on hold. This went on for twenty minutes I finally told him that I will call back at another time to speak to someone else.

The next day the same situation but now I am told that I was suppose to have called to request that my 14 day trial be changed, I just told the girl look, if your company says that you will have the product in two days then I am sure that they are aware that the trial period starts on the day of the delivery not the purchase date. How can anyone even think that a trial date starts from the date you purchased the item. Anyone who thinks in those terms, needs to go back to school. The company is a fraud who really wants to mess with peoples minds.

This world is so corrupted, why does everyone want a piece of that action. I hope justice and karma comes their way, because I am sure that I am not the only person that they are doing this too.

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