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Lucky Hair Company Salon, Spa, & Boutique

Country United States
State Michigan
City Canton
Address 45251 Cherry Hill Rd
Phone (734) 844-8166

Lucky Hair Company Salon, Spa, & Boutique Reviews

  • Sep 1, 2017

I went to this hair salon a while back they never told me did the stylists have different levels of expertise. I told him I wanted my hair colored cut and a new hairstyle. The first time they did it it was the same hairstyle I walked in with and I told her I was not happy she told me to reschedule. So I went up and I paid and I told them I was not happy so they scheduled me with another stylist. I went in they never said anything about what rating she had or level of expertise or anything of the kind. A different lady did my hair then the first time what happens it looks the same as I walked in.

I told her I was not happy they told me was she was a level 3 so her costs were more. I said absolutely not I was not happy the first time I should not have to pay again because my hair still looks like the same as it did when I walked in both times. They said they would have to see what the management said and I said the same thing to the management I'm not paying for something that I've asked for twice and not received either time. Said if you have a problem with that contact my attorney she just looked at me so I walked out

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