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Lowe's Home Improvement

Country United States
State Florida
City Oviedo
Address Oviedo Park Crossing, 1155 Vidina Place
Phone 407-977-9599

Lowe's Home Improvement Reviews

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  • May 14, 2016

I tried to make a return at lowes without receipt and it was declined and that was bad but what happened next made so angry....if Lowes does not do something I will NEVER purchase any of my supplies from them again. So after my return was declined I started shopping and I had 3 items in the cart....2 DEWALT power tools and a laser leveling tool. I continued shopping and went outside to the garden department and within 2 minutes a guy walks up and asked what I was looking for and I asked him why and who he was and without a word he grabbed the cart and told me it would be at the customer service desk. I was not only shocked the guy is lucky I didn't knock him out. After about 2 minutes I went to the front and the guy was asking the girl at returns for my info. I asked him who he was and he acted like I didn't even talk. I asked again and he turned to walk away so I grabbed a pen and asked his name and he told Sean and I asked his last and he said Sean Sean. This guy was a complete jacka**. I can not believe the way I was treated and the way they made me feel.

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  • May 10, 2016

The early portion of 2015 I, went to Lowe's Home Improvement look at new windows for our home. I was never shown as much as a picture of what the windows would look like. I never asked for the cheapest windows but got exactly that. I had to pay in advance just so they could order the windows I never saw. I did ask to see this picture of what they would look like and I suppose the brochures had been misplaced. I did issue Lowe's a check for over $10,000. It about 2 months for the windows to come in. They called to set up an installation date so I did write it on the calendar. On the morning, the day of installation, Lowe's contacted me to let me know one of the window sashes was broken but she would reorder just the sash. She assured me they would be there to start the job at 1:00PM. The installers arrived at approximately 3:00. Three Hispanic gentlemen started to remove the old aluminum windows. The first attempt was a blow torch to loosen the window glaze. This did not work nor was it going as fast as they needed so they got out a sledgehammer, went indoors and literally beat the windows out of the opening.

We have a total of 10 very large windows so you can imagine the amount of glass spread all over our property. They had been to our home to measure these windows two different times so it would have been impossible for them to not get the correct sizes. None of the windows fit correctly in the opening. The windows were not plumb or square and another window was broken due to forcing it in the opening. They used latex caulk inside and out. Our home is red brick and the caulk was white....smeared all over the brick and inside. Every window had the sheetrock broken very badly and then filled with the same white caulk. All of the sheetrock on every window must be replaced. On the outside, in the process of their sledgehammer, the wood trim above all windows is torn to pieces. They broke brick at every window corner that can only be repaired since the process of ever matching the brick would be impossible.

Lowe's assistant manager, manager of installations and the window salesman all came out to look at the mess we had. Every one of them were shocked with what had happened. Within a few days the same people and the 'Independent Contractor' returned to our home to see if the damage could be repaired. After the first crew, I knew I did not want them back to make matters worse.

We waited several months and an insurance adjuster contacted us to make an estimate for Lowe's. His figure to replace all of the windows and sheetrock, brick and wooden trim was approximately $13,000. As I looked over the estimate I saw that they wanted to pay a contractor of our choosing $1.60 per hour for the new windows and labor. It has taken quite some time for us to get another estate since our county is growing and the contractors are all busy.

I emailed a estimate from our contractor to Lowe's Insurance. She emailed me back to let me know that they would not pay the claim unless I signed and have notorized, a release of any more liability for Lowe's. Our contractor estimate was greater than the first but he does not have x-ray vision to see any possible damage withis the frame. I explained this ordeal within the email I sent. It makes no difference to them. Lowe's has the attitude that they are the Giants and we are bugs they can step on at any time

I have had my fill of Lowe's and the way they handle their claims. They must somehow be held accountable to the customer not to make sure they don't have anything out of pocket. I do not think it is legal for them to ask me to sign this form before I can make arrangements with a contractor to have my windows installed. They have full liability in this matter. It was independent contractors that were hired by Lowe's, windows purchased by lowe's and now Lowe's Insurance being assholes about this. They do need to pull their heads out and realize when a mistake is made by their company, they are 100% responsible to make the customer right.

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  • Nov 14, 2015

I purchased about $7000 worth of kitchen cabinets and installation services from LOWES INC. ( located at 3125 Glenn McConnell Pkwy, Charleston, SC 29414. These cabinets are made by MASTER BRAND INC. ( (a subsidiary of FORTUNE BRANDS INC) located at One MasterBrand Dr. P.O. Box 420 Jasper, IN 47547. They were delivered by ON TIME SERVICES located at 120 Queen Pkwy, West Columbia, SC 29169.

Before the delivery I was feeling ill, and laid on my couch while waiting for the delivery truck. When I laid down, I first took my wallet out of my pocket (to be more comfortable laying down) and laid it in the oversize chair next to the couch and next to the front door. At the time, my wallet contained many various IDs and $1000 in cash ( I had withdrawn to make a cash purchase of a refrigerator, a $100 Lowes gift Card and a $50 PF Chang gift card my daughter gave me in order for me and my wife to go out for dinner.

Upon hearing the box truck going down the road, I jumped up and ran out to the front to flag them down. I then proceed to help them bring the cabinets in. During the process, the delivery driver that stayed inside much of the time, while the younger man primarily unloaded the truck and prepositioned the cabinets near the front door, were they both would bring them through the door. The inside guy used the chair I had sat my wallet in, to hold his invoice, hand scanner and the phone he was taking pictures with (of the barcodes on the boxes as each was brought). I failed to remember or take notice that my wallet was still in the chair.

Because of the heat in SC, and the fact that the guys were looking hot, I went to the garage to get bottle waters for the guys out of our garage fridge (as we had not purchased one for inside yet). When I came back, I noticed that the guy that was primarily inside, walking to his truck, got in for a couple of minutes and then got back out. It was during this time that I believe the driver was stashing the wallet in his truck.

Immediately after the truck left, I decided to run to Lowes for a couple items, and when I got my keys and went to get my wallet.... Oh crap...... I knew exactly what had happened.

After filing a police report with the local law enforcement authorities, I contacted the delivery company, On Time Services located at 120 Queen Pkwy, West Columbia, SC 29169, and through a couple conversations with them, they indicated that they intentionally sub-contract their delivery out for liability purposes, They gave me the name and information of the subcontractor and the employees for the subcontractor that delivered the cabinets (Mr Victor R. Caraballo of GENESIS DELIVERY EXPRESS LLC located at 363 Woodcote Dr. Gaston, SC. 29053, and his employees John Henry Freeman of Lexington SC and Deswon Lide of Columbia, SC. [I am withholding private addresses as I do not think that would be fair to the familes]).

I contacted Mr Carabello, who had his supervisor call me back and ask for a description of my wallet, and who subsequently said that one of the delivery guys who had been broke, suddenly was with money. The supervisor made the employee in question to show his wallet which subsequently turned out to not be mine (which I thought was a stupid thing to do, as the honest person I am, I even know that you dump evidence (wallet/purse) after taking the cash and credit cards out). When I tried to contact Mr. Carabello and get his company information including bond insurance company and business address, Mr. Carabello then said he could not give me any information (including the name and address of his company) until he spoke with his lawyer. Mr. Carabello, in my opinion, is the cheap sleazy guy you hire, look the other way until there is an issue, and then say.... well he is an independent contractor! Just speaking with the guy on the phone caused me to go take a shower. I would not hire him to take out my garbage. If you do consider hiring him and his company GENESIS DELIVERY LLC, beware!

I contacted the Manager of the LOWES in question (Justin) who was pretty unhelpful except to pass me off to the MASTERBRAND representative that deals with the LOWES account (Ms. Amanda L Beville). The representative got me talking with her boss (forgot his name that admitted that the delivery company had had numerous complains and that they were dropping the company as a delivery vendor. So They were aware that they had a unreputable agent representing them and had not taken steps to protect the customer.

In general, LOWES INC (about 200 Billion Gross revenue for past 4 quarters) , FORTUNE BRANDS INC (about 4 Billion revenue in 2015) INC, ON TIME SERVICES LLC, and GENESIS DELIVERY EXPRESS LLC were absolutely no help to resolving this issue. LOWES nor FORTUNE BRANDS would do anything to resolve the fact that their delivery vendor (their customer facing agent) used access to my home to steal from my wife a Public School Administrator and me, a father of five, a husband, a US Army Veteran, a SC Army National Guard Veteran, a middle class guy trying to remodel a home for my family to live in. All each one of these companies did is put me through the endless run around of Corporate departments, Corporate process, an Corporate rhetoric, to avoid making me whole for an injustice which was perpetrated upon me. Over $7000 of goods and services purchased on this one transaction,just short of $1200 stolen and LOWES INC didn't even offer me a coupon. Hey LOWES, you know what you can do with your flag waving Veterans Day and Memorial Day Sales!

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  • Jun 20, 2022

In 2018 I bought 7 new appliances for my home and purchased 5 year extended warranties for each one. Evidently Lowes changed over their systems and wiped out all my warranties numbers needed to file a claim. My dishwasher has been broken for a month and the Assistant manager at this store has had not luck helping me. I have asked to speak to the manager over and over but have been told he would call me back but he never does. I spent over $800 on warranties and now I have nothing. I insisted Lowes replace my dishwasher and then go after the warranty company for the claim and Lowes refuses to give me a new dishwasher. As far as I am concerned Lowes has committed fraud by not living up to the warranties I paid for. They stole over $800 from me for warranties I don't have.

  • Jun 5, 2022

We purchased a Samsung refrigerator in August 2022. The ice maker now leaks and Samsung states there are no parts available as the model has been discontinued. We have spent 2 1/2 months fighting with the Extended Warranty Plan to get the refrigerator replaced.

They keep wanting to send out the same repair company that has repeatedly stated they were advised by Samsung NO PARTS ARE AVAILABLE. I would advise anyone asking to save the money and not purchase the extended warranty as they refuse to pay for repairs or in this case replace the refrigerator.

Lowe's should not sell a plan that no one intends to honor.

  • May 30, 2022

One year ago Lowes at The Long Beach Towne Center was provided tens of thousands of dollars for a new kitchen and laundry room. We paid for the permits needed. We were eventually told by the Lowes selected contractor no permits were required. Lowes refunded the money charged for the permits.

We since learned the contractor selected by Lowes likely violated the law as permits were required by the City of Bellflower. The stove top was installed without being sealed. A live wire was capped and put under a cabinet in the laundry room. New electrical outlets were installed without permit. The dishwasher was moved and installed without permit.

The 30 inch oven to be re-installed was left out in the rain. We paid for a new one yet to be installed. One photo on Yelp reflects the condition of the outlets installed under the sink. The other photo on Yelp reflects the condition under the stove top. Both photos on Yelp reflect the condition now 5-31-2022 since December 1st 2021.

Lowes engaged in profit by fraud. Lowes failed to supervise their selected contractor. Lowes failed to ensure the proper permits were obtained. Lowes allowed their selected contractor to engage in dangerous perhaps illegal activities. The stress created had a negative impact on our health. This was our experience.

  • May 22, 2022

I purchase a Frigidaire range from the Lowes home emprovement store in Jacksonville, Florida in 2019. I also purchased a five year warranty with the product from Lowes. When I tried to contact Lowes to have some repairs done to the range I was not able to reach anyone. I first tried to call the Lowes in order to have someone to come out and repaire the product but was put on hold and know one answered the phone.

So I went to the website, put my information in, I was then sent a passcode to use to get into the account. I put the passcode in and the website sent me back to the beginning were I put the first information in. So I put the information in again and the website sent me back to the beginning asking for the same information for a second time.

This was not working so I clicked on the live chat window. I was asked several question that did not have anything to do with the warranty, and finally I was transfered to a live chat representatitive. When I asked how can I contact someone about have a repaire to one of their products that had a warranty on it, she said for me to go to the website because she could not help me. I just want Lowes to honor the warranty that I purchase from them to repaire the stove. Please.

  • Apr 25, 2022

Paid lowes in full on 09 /2021 for bath remodel; sinks, faucets, 2 countertops,, of which the large 82'' is the outstanding problem. The job got put on hold twice due to Lowes , the second time they lost my 82 " top, they had shipped it to the wrong store. They finally found it and the contractor came to install everything in Dec. 2021.

During install it was discovered the two quartz side pieces were damaged and not cut to the correct size.. These pieces were necessary since the countertop wasnt finished on the sides, due to the side pieces which would be hiding the side edges. The contractor called lowes install immediately, I followed up the following day and Lowes topeka told me they were on it. Jan, feb, march I was given a crazy run around...

july i lodged a complaint with Lowes corporate. They said they'd give me my$400 install fee back but wouldn't not be replacing the sides, they said I could do that, (i can't), they said they don't carry the quartz pattery anymore (they do), and they said they fulfilled their obligation by delivering and setting the 82'" countertop. I explained that the top was unfinshed on the sides bc it was made for the side pieces to be placed on top; therefore, the sides are jagged and too far from the wall to finish with tile or caulk. Lowes would not budge.

In july 2021 i went back to my local store with phots of the unfinshed, fully paid for vanity...and i sat in the countertop section, until the store manager agreed to help me. They said they can't continue with a replacement through my original order because Lowes corporate customer care had put a freeze on the order since it had been elevate to a complaint. i told the guys at the store if they could just forget the redtape replacement paperwork, if they could just get the 2 pieces , i would install them myself! These are not expensive they are approx 30$ each! They said they would use petty cash and get 2. well, 9 months later and they can't get them. if they can't get them , and they're in the countertop dept with lots of contacts, How am I supposed to find these?

This is a big super store, just crushing me. They could afford to do the right things, but are too big to care.

my countertop sits unfinished, all $1300 of it, with a sticker still on it,and the side jagged with a gap between it and the wall.

can you help please/?

  • Apr 10, 2022

Paid lowes in full on 09 /2021 for bath remodel; sinks, faucets, 2 countertops,, of which the large 82'' is the outstanding problem. The job got put on hold twice due to Lowes , the second time they lost my 82 " top, they had shipped it to the wrong store. They finally found it and the contractor came to install everything in Dec. 2021.

During install it was discovered the two quartz side pieces were damaged and not cut to the correct size.. These pieces were necessary since the countertop wasnt finished on the sides, due to the side pieces which would be hiding the side edges. The contractor called lowes install immediately, I followed up the following day and Lowes topeka told me they were on it. Jan, feb, march I was given a crazy run around...

july i lodged a complaint with Lowes corporate. They said they'd give me my$400 install fee back but wouldn't not be replacing the sides, they said I could do that, (i can't), they said they don't carry the quartz pattery anymore (they do), and they said they fulfilled their obligation by delivering and setting the 82'" countertop. I explained that the top was unfinshed on the sides bc it was made for the side pieces to be placed on top; therefore, the sides are jagged and too far from the wall to finish with tile or caulk. Lowes would not budge.

In july 2021 i went back to my local store with phots of the unfinshed, fully paid for vanity...and i sat in the countertop section, until the store manager agreed to help me. They said they can't continue with a replacement through my original order because Lowes corporate customer care had put a freeze on the order since it had been elevate to a complaint. i told the guys at the store if they could just forget the redtape replacement paperwork, if they could just get the 2 pieces , i would install them myself! These are not expensive they are approx 30$ each! They said they would use petty cash and get 2. well, 9 months later and they can't get them. if they can't get them , and they're in the countertop dept with lots of contacts, How am I supposed to find these?

This is a big super store, just crushing me. They could afford to do the right things, but are too big to care.

my countertop sits unfinished, all $1300 of it, with a sticker still on it,and the side jagged with a gap between it and the wall.

can you help please/?

  • Mar 18, 2022

I canceled to return a 300 lb item. Lowes in mantua NJ- horrible. They will not work with me to come get the return wanting to inconvenience me . So I escalated it to lowes executive team . More of a joke.

They just go back and forth . What's going to happen is time will just go on and they won't let me return it to get my money back

  • Oct 15, 2021

Lowes Fiscorp Damaged the floor adjacent to the room they installed snap lock vinyl flooring in. The floor has a big bubble where it was not cut right and they will not fix room adjacent to bedroom, which is a bathroom with sheet vinyl that they made wrinkle while installing transition. So I will now have to pay for a new bathroom floor. And it will not be with Lowe’s.

  • Sep 7, 2021

I paid Lowe’s $15,000 for vinyl laminate flooring and installation. During installation the week of 8/16/21 poor communication occurred resulting in me having to take a day off work to move belongings and paint trim. I was charged $2200 for concrete leveling that I’d never been told might need to be done and told if I didn’t pay it the installation couldn’t move forward and my warranty would be void.

I was charged for services that didn’t take place and for products that were never used. They broke a picture. They did not complete installation of trim in all areas, plug nail holes in it and did poor workmanship in several areas. They didn’t complete the job as they forgot to measure a bathroom and refuse to complete unless they are paid more money.

  • Aug 28, 2021

So I ordered a new Refridgerator from Lowes on Thursday. Friday I saw Home depot had the same model for $67 less. I went to Lowes web site and inquired about the policy. I was told it applied to include 30 days after purchase. So I witing until Saturday to do something about it, since that was when they were to deliver the refridgerator.

So after delivery I got to the store and they tell me they wont match Home Depot, sinc it is sale price. Really, why have a policy. So then I call the 800 number and am told, yes they would match the sale price, but only at the time of purchase, not 30 after I purchase it. So what exactly does this policy do? fyi, Home Depot4 id also 45 less to haul away the old appliance. $72 difference between Home deport and Lowes.

The Lowes price promise give a false sense of security while the consumer is getting screwed.

  • Mar 18, 2021

Long story cut short. My parents were party to an internet scam that led them to Lowe's and Target stores to purchase Target gift cards as security. Lowe's in Lodi, CA sold them $14,000 worth of gift cards, and Target in Lodi, CA sold them another $8,000 worth of cards. Although retailers claim to have policies in place to help prevent gift card fraud, both of these locations fell short in stopping the sale of cards. Target claims to have put policies in place to reduce the amount you can buy in a single checkout from $5,000 to $2,000 back in 2018 however they did not adhere to their own policy on 12/11/2020. Lowe's apparently does not have any rules in place for stopping fraud.

No one at either location questioned the purchases or thought to stop the transactions. The FTC has a fraud prevention package on their website with display rack flyers and cashier infographic cards that can be laminated that clearly state 'Hang up on Gift Card Scams" - and "Buying a Gift Card to pay someone, STOP. it's a SCAM!" But neither locatin cared enough about stopping fraud to bother using these tools. Since December 11, 2020 we have filed reports with local police, FTC, Attorney General, Lowe's Corporate office as well as Target Corporate Office to no avail.

We get a lot of apoligies but no one is willing to take any responsibility for unethical behavior. We also reached out to our local KPIX 5 news orgainzation ( they were very kind and as helpful as they could be). Gift Cards are big money for retailers, but they don't want to participate in education - (unless they have fraud warnings on their websites - let's face it a victim of fraud is not logging into a website to do research ). Also, all $22,000 worth of cards were used by 3pm (maybe before) on 12/12/2020 ( 24 hours after purchasing) when my sister and I found out about the scam. ( Retailers can track gift cards from purchase to redemption, but no rad flags came up in Target's system?)

Retailers need to be held responsible for egregious transactions. With all of the reports filed, we still have not found anyone to help us or acknowledge any wrong doing. Not to mention my parents are out $22,000!!! Go on the internet and read about all of the scams - Retailers need to be held accountable!!!!!

  • Jan 13, 2021

We ordered our laminate flooring from lowes in september. well, it finally came but its still not in my home. Lowes is supposed to be sending a contractor to my house but they haven't come yet. Even though lowes is putting the floor in they have called every other day reminding us that our special order floor is in and we need to pick it up. they did however send someone to my house with damaged flooring. Lowes poked 3 holes into the flooring with a forklift. when the contractor picked it up he informed the manager of the damage. the manager told him to take the flooing to my house and see if the damaged part would work around a corner or a cabinet. It did not work. when we called the manager of lowes he blamed the damage on the contractor. needless to say - its 3 days from thanksgiving and i still don't have a kitchen to cook in!

when i told the manager i wanted to file a formal complaint he chuckled and told me they wouldn't do anything but call him and tell him that i had called! they really DO NOT care! we have yet to get a definate time or date for our installation. they have given us such the run-around! NEVER again will i order anything from lowes! i need carpet also but i WILL NOT be getting it from them!!!

  • Jul 18, 2020

We purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer in January 2020. The washer is not working correctly and the service tech has been unable to fix it. He replaced the mother board to no avail. It goes off balance daily, makes loud noises and takes a long time to cycle. This is not the way our previous Whirlpool washer worked. We owned a Cabrio washer before and it worked great.There is no need to try and repair it again.They have been out twice. Can we get a replacement please? It may just be a lemon.

We are still having issues with the washer. The repair man has been out four times to replace the lid lock mechanism, the mother board, the suspension rods and now we are getting the transmission replaced because the washer is still not working properly. We had a Cabrio washer for 4 years before and never had an issue. At what point does Whirlpool accept the fact that we have a lemon and it just needs replaced?

  • Jul 12, 2020

This has been going on since the middle of may I didn't get my stove or refrigerator when I was told I would. I went to the store and spoke with the manager Hemay he apologized and said he would upgrade me to a more expensive one because of the store's mistake and I would get it the next day which was father's day. the two men came didn't want to listen trying to bring the items into the house causing damage to the outer frame of the door as well as other parts of the door damage also tore down the blinds to my patio door.

The stove couldn't be hooked up because the didn't have all the parts the left the other stove sitting in the grass of my backyard causing the grass to die the stove is still sitting there screen doors are still off no one has come to fix anything I had to wait another 4 days before someone came back to even hook up my stove so I could cook. I emailed the C.E.O. Marvin Ellison twice concerning this matter no response at all. I called the customers service finally Andy spoke with me stating he would get the matter fixed. He told me to go to the store and pick out a correct size refrigerator, did that no change.

Wrote another letter spoke with several so-called managers at the store all giving different answers, finally the Friday of the 4th of July holiday spoke with Andy again he said you have three choices we can refund your money, you can keep the refrigerator you have and we will also give you $250 gift card, or you may choose from one of the two refrigerators. I chose one but then he said you will need to pay $500 more dollars I said why he said because of what you paid for your 1st one.

I stated that has nothing to do with anything you have to go by the value of the upgrade he said this is my offer. This is not right the store messed up in the first place the store admitted their mistake with a more expences one it's too big and they should exchange it for the correct size and same upgrades value and also pay to repair the damages all stress this is still causing me and my family. I do have audio

  • Jun 21, 2020

Lowes took two weeks to deliver dryer when they indicated it would be seven days or less. Lowes never mentioned they would not disconnect our old dryer. Lowes never mentioned they would not hook up our gas dryer.

No follow up provided, no paperwork to sign or agree to. Stick with SPENCERS APPLIANCE or HOME DEPOT. SENIOR CITIZENS do not need to put up with their rude delivery people either.

  • Jun 18, 2020

On June 10, 2020, I ordered a storage shed, lumber and other items at the Prescott Lowes store and paid $1,104.44. I also paid a $79.00 delivery charge because I could not drive into Prescott to pick the order up at the time, but all items were listed as being in stock.

About June 11,2020, I received an emil receipt stating that my order would be delivered on June 14, 2020 between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Later, the delivery time was changed to 10:00 am to 10:00 pm the same day. My wife and I waited but no delivery took place. During the day, I tried calling the delivery service desk at the Prescott Lowes but no one would answer the phone.

The next day I called the store and complained to the customer service desk. The lady at the service desk consulted with a manager named Jennifer. Manager Jennifer said that they Lowes would deliver my order on Thursday the 18th and they would call me that day. However, no one ever showed up and my order of $1,100.00 has not been delivered. They never called me so I tried calling the delivery desk and customer service but no one will answer my calls.

It is currently June 19, 2020 and I am still waiting on delivery of an $1,100.00 order that was supposed to be delivered on the 14th and 18th. No one at Lowes will call me or accept my phone calls so I have reason to believe that the Prescott Lowes store is trying to defraud me out of $1,100.00 because have not delivered my order and they are ignoring my phone calls.

  • Jun 18, 2020

My wife and I had a new house built. We chose Lowe's to purchase all of our appliances. We chose the premium brand of Kitchen Aide. On 07/04/19 we purchased $21,351.86 worth of appliances from the Lowe's Store located at 14810 Manchester Road, Ballwin MO 63011. Since our house was not going to be completed until early 2020 we had Lowe's hold all of our appliances until late November 2019. Lowe's delivered all of our new appliances unloading them in to our garages. XXXXXX Construction completed our home in late February 2020 installing our new appliances the last week of February. In late March 2020 we noticed that our main kitchen refrigerator started getting warm. The ice wouldn't freeze and we had to move all of our food down stairs to our basement refrigerator.

The refrigerator that failed is a Kitchen Aid 23.8 CU FT FD item #788145 - vendor KRFC704FPS. We called Lowe's in Ballwin MO to let them know that we were having issues with the refrigerator. Lowe's quickly said that this is not their problem and that we needed to call Kitchen Aid. We called Kitchen Aid who said that they couldn't do anything about it and to call XXXXXX Service. We called XXXXXX service who did come out to look at the appliance. XXXXXXX said that they needed to order parts. Almost a month later XXXXXXX came to our home to finally repair the refrigerator. When the XXXXXXX Technician came in our house today they told us that they should have told us to unplug the fridge so that it could thoroughly thaw out. No one told us this. Now they are telling us that we must lay towels down on the floor while the refrigerator thaws out and this could leak on to our new floor which is very expensive hard wood flooring. So we are still without a refrigerator after almost three months and we were told that our flooring my be ruined. Today 06/19/20 I called the Ballwin Missouri Lowe's Store Manager "XXXXXXX" to tell him what we are going through. XXXXXXX clearly told us that it's not his problem. No offer to call Kitchen Aid, wouldn't give me the Lowe's Corporate office phone number and didn't care the least. Someone with this rude disposition should never be allowed to speak with customers. We then called Lowe's customer service. This was a true mistake. The customer service representative could care less. He was even worst than XXXXXXX. At what level does Lowe's think that this is the way that customers should be treated. Should we just live with a failed refrigerator? This refrigerator didn't even last three months in our home. If this happened to you would you just live with it.

  • Jun 12, 2020

Point 1 - Rebate of 10% offered on certain kitchen cabinets, and we purchased said cabinets. Rebate was promised to be provided within 6-8 weeks after approval.

Point 2 - Rebate process on website was followed and information submitted and confirmation/approval e-mail from Lowes rebate center received 16Mar.

Point 3 - Mid-May would be 8 weeks, and I should have received my rebate by that time. I made multiple calls to Lowes customer service, but received no support. Also, their rebate website was shutdown and not operational, and remains so even today. In short, it appears Lowes is delaying payment to me to keep my rebate money longer. Or they have a third party manage this process, and that company is holding my rebate money.

Point 4 - I visited the store from which I purchased the cabinets to file a formal complaint with the manager. She took my information and corresponded with me on e-mail, asking the same questions previously answered on the website. Now she states she has no feedback from the rebate center and no promise date on when they will release the rebate money.

In my opinion, Lowes is scamming their customers by holding rebate money for longer than the time originally promised. It is probably a business strategy to conserve cash during the Covid issue, but it is also a gross example of poor customer support. Especially as I just purchased a substantial amount of product from them. My business relationship with Lowes is over, and I would recommend nobody else believe the offers of rebates from Lowes.

  • May 4, 2020

I was supposed to have a stove delivered today. They were supposed to call me yesterday and didn't. I called the store several times and got no answer or was hung up on. I called the corporate office and got hung up on. The second time I got someone who said she called delivery mgr and was told I was first delivery and someone would call, no one did. I called the store again and was told by delivery and get time for me. Didnt hear again, big surprise!

I called store again and got hung upon. I called back and was told I was being transferred to a manager, got disconnected. I called back and demanded a manager. She checked and told me between 1-3. I said fine and I was done with them and hung up. She called back and asked me if I wanted her to cancel the order. I told her no, I wanted the appliance, but I was done with them. Well see if it shows up

  • Aug 20, 2019

Our Garbage Displosal was replaced in March by a third-party plumbing service hired by Lowes. Fladhback to two weeks ago, where we had to install a water facet because it was leaking. The new plumber, who we hired thru Home Depot (Different plumber) removed the garbage Disposal in order to get to the old facet found the previous plumber had damaged the garbage Disposal's gasket, causing it to crack.

We called Lowes explaining that their hired plumber had damaged our Garbage Disposal's gasket and that we wanted them to come out and replace the disposal since the new plumber stated that he couldn't get a gasket for it. We also told Lowes that we wanted a plumber to reinstal the new unit. Loweas said that they would not replace the disposal and honor the warranty, since it was removed by another plumber.

We would not have found the cracked gasket if it wasn't for the other plumber seeing the damage. We are seeking restitition on this matter and will go to Court to resolve this problem.

  • Aug 9, 2019

This company has taken $3,000 from me and refuses to either deliver the product paid for or issue a refund. They will not even talk to me. about it. I told them I would file a criminal complaint with the city attorney, and they just walked away.

They use a 3rd party to do install work, but that company also will not even talk to me.

  • Jul 23, 2019

We purchased four GE Profile appliances from Lowe's on 09/03/2017. The appliances were delivered and installed in October of 2017. All of the appliances were supposed to be new. All of the appliances with the exception of the Dishwasher were new.

Lowe's had removed the sticker with the model # and serial # either by mistake or on purpose, I don't know which. All I know is the product is/was defective. We discovered why the sticker with the model / serial # was removed after we went away on a trip for a week. We always shut off the water line to house when we go away. This time was no exception. Upon our return home when I turned on the water line the dishwasher started to overflow water on the floor inside the cabinet that contained the dishwasher. When I saw water flowing from under the cabinet, I shut off the water line and used a shop vac to remove all of the water from under the cabinet and inside the dishwasher.

After that we called General Electric regarding the incident. A GE representative requested information about the dishwasher including the model# and serial #. What we discovered was that the tag that was supposed to be on the inside of the dishwasher was missing. When we relayed this information to the GE representative he informed us that GE would not even come to our house to fix the dishwasher because the model# and serial# had been removed and that indicated the the machine according to an agreement with Lowe's was supposed to be scrapped: (NOT SOLD AS NEW TO ANOTHER CUSTOMER)...

I attempted several times to contact the local store manager Laurie Creek. She would never take my call or call me back. I then contacted the Better Business Bureau who forwarded my complaint to Lowe's HQ in North Carolina. To prove our purchase we sent Lowe's a copy of the sales receipt. Lowe's sent me a Lowe's Gift Card for $250.00. I told Lowe's that a gift card was not acceptable. I now want $583.20. I had to replace a defective machine @ higher cost.

  • May 22, 2019

In December 2018, I purchased a ladder, discounted from $149 to $89. Lowe's online required delivery - with no option for pickup.

It was delivered the next day!

Later, in checking my messages, a message from Lowe's said, "I have your order here for delivery. Just wanted to make sure you understood, you'll be charged $59 for the delivery of the $89 ladder."

Lowe's actually charged me a $94 fee!!

  • May 1, 2019

Our dishwasher failed while we were away and caused a flood in our home. We reported the loss to our insurance company and went to Lowe's to purchase a new dishwasher. During the purchase we were convinced to purchase an extended 5 year protection plan.

We told the representative that we would have to wait for installation until renovation in our house was done. He told us to call when we needed the dishwasher. In December I told Lowe's to deliver. They promised a December 21 date. they never called and never delivered. I went to the store and they promised that delivery would be the next day, December 22.

They never called and never delivered again. Subsequently, I discovered that they delivered our dishwasher to somebody else who had ordered the same model. In frustration at this comedy of errors, I called and spoke with the first employee who seemed to know what he was doing. He promised a delivery on December 27.

I was surprised when Lowe's showed up on December 24 and delivered the dishwasher.The renovation contractor told me not to install yet. They would install when they removed the old one. The Lowe's screw-up scenario continued when,on December 27 Lowe's delivered a second dishwasher.

To see how long it would take them to realize their error I decided to wait. After 6 weeks I recognized that Lowe's incompetence would never end and I called them to pick up the second dishwasher. However, the Lowe's debacle had not ended. When the renovation contractor was ready to install the dishwasher we discovered it was defective.

I called Lowe's again and they delivered on March 19 a new, working one and took back the defective one. Story ended? No, the last part of Lowe's great customer service had yet to be enacted. They informed me that the 5 year protection plan I purchased in September started the clock running and thus even though the dishwasher was not delivered and installed until late March they would not change the plan start date.

Thank you, Lowe's, you just screwed me out of 6 months of purchased protection.

  • Feb 11, 2019

I purchased $1,252.21 for Orchestra of Lights Christmas Lights. These are lights that use a WiFi hub (that you have to buy) to synchronize music with the lights, and they also change different colors depending on the music. There a lot of different types of lights you can buy with this system. I bought 2 sets of pathway lights, 4 sets of G100 lights, LED Projection set, Light Show box with Speaker, Hanging Snowflake, Duo LED Christmas trees with speaker, and 7 sets of Dancing LED Icicle Lights, there is 12 Icicle lights per set.

The LED Icicle lights are $79.78 per box. I purchased these lights on 11-15-2018, 11-20-2018 and 11-28-2018 at three different stores, but 85% of the lights came fron the first purchase.The first store didnt have enough in stock. I put all of these lights up right after Thanksgiving .The LED Icicle Lights hang from the outline of your roof.

One by one the Icicle Lights stoping working ,by the time I took them down right after New Years only one was still working. One only 3 LED worked on one icicle,one didn't work at all,one only the first 3 icicle's worked,each one was different. On January 5 2019 I tooked them back to Lowes for a refund. I taped a 3x5 card on each of the 6 defective icicle lights with what the lights did. The lady at the return desk took one set of the icicle lights and plugged them in to see if matched what was wrote on the card.

The lights did exactly as the card said. Then she called for the manager to come to the return desk. The manager then proceeded to tell me that all Christmas items had to be returned by December 26-2018. She said their was nothing she could do because it was a corporate policy and that the registers would not accept any Christmas items when you scan them. I asked for the number to the corporate office,which she wrote down a phone number and put corporate office next to it.

But when I was checking their return policy online the phone number was listed as customer service number. I called them twice and all I got was the same thing, it's a corporate policy like it was wrote in stone. I looked up all the information I could find on consumer laws and found in Texas if a item you purchased is defective,or broken the stores return policy dosen't matter.. I read that you can call your bank or credit card company and they can chargeback your purchase.

I called my bank to try to see if they could do a chargeback and told them about the lights being defective. The bank said I would have an answer in ten days or less,after they did a investigation. In about seven days I received a E-mail from the bank,saying that I would receive a letter in the mail with their decision on the chargeback. When I received the letter all it said was they could not find anything wrong with the charge made at Lowe's.

When I went to return the lights at Lowe's they had a sign on the registers stating their return policy,that no seasonal items would be returned after December 26-2018. According to the manager at Lowe's if you were to purchase a Christmas item on December 24 (Christmas Eve) and Lowes is closed on Christmas Day, you only have December 26 to return the item no matter if it defective,broken or whatever. So the only thing left to do is file complaints with everybody I can find.

So don't buy from Lowe's especilally at Christmas time.Because if you buy someone a Christmas related gift they will only have one day to return it.Tell me who run's out the day after Christmas to exchange gifts. There are other stores to buy from than a stores that make up corporate policies just to rip their customers off, and that exactly what Lowe's is doing.

  • Feb 9, 2019

Lowe's ended their Iris security system and is giving partial refunds. I purchased their products in July 2018 for $488 and I'm getting $200 back.

I ordered Iris by Lowe's home security products from on 7/8/2018 for $416.46 (Order # 352512816). I ordered additional Iris products from in July of 2018 for $67.98 (before tax - orders 111-4146635-1459468 and 114-3534893-8233035).

Lowe's announced they are ending The Iris home security product and issuing partial refunds because some products may work with other security systems. I am receiving a $200 Visa gift card as a refund. I believe I should get a full refund since there is no guarantee their non-refunded products will work with the security system of my choice and the Iris by Lowe's equipment I purchased is less than a year old (about six months old).

I believe Lowe's is committing theft against hundreds or thousands of consumers. Customer support refused to do anything further for my situation - not even issue a check instead of gift card.

  • Dec 4, 2018

Ordered around $750 of outdoor Christmas decorations for the house online on 11/27 which I was supposed to be receive no later than 12/5. Shipment was not received on 12/5 so I called to check the status.

The first representative I spoke to, after putting me on hold to check the order, told me that "I should give it another day or 2 because they're really busy this time of year." Although annoyed, I told her ok and we ended the phone call.

Immediately afterwards I realized that I probably should have asked for the tracking number so that I could track the shipment myself so I called them right back. The second representative, after checking into the order as well, told me that the shipment hadn't even gone out yet so there was no tracking number.

So basically I couldn't rely on an online order being filled in a timely manner (and certainly not by the promised date), nor did I receive any e-mailed updates when there was a significant delay in the expected delivery date, and then when I called to check the status my overdue order the representative I spoke to just lied outright to get me off the phone so she didn't have to listen to a justified complaint. I cancelled the order as Christmas decorations received just in time for Valentine's Day really wouldn't have done me any good. Will never order from them again.

  • Oct 29, 2018

Simple. Lowes sells quart paint in plastic cans but not screw-on lids. As a direct consequence of this,

1) the metal lid is liable to come off *since it's designed like a metal can lid*, Given any lateral pressure on the can, which , because it is thin plastic, will compress, and exert force on the lid, the lid will pop off.

2) the can is disguised as metal insofar as the lid you see is metal -and the only part of the can which is actually visible is the lid.

3) The mating of the lid and can is the same as an all metal can. But that joint only holds BECAUSE both parts are inflexible metal. That's why paint lids are hard to take off. With the Valspar lid, it literally pops off when you squeeze the can.

So if the can is exposed to lateral pressure, the lid pops off, of course, just like any other lid experiencing an increase in pressure *because the flexible plastic walls are decreasing the area insde as they are crushed*. You can't crush a metal can- that's the whole point opf a metal can.

So, in short , Lowes has saved itself 20 cents per can on their paint at the cost of an increase in these types of spills, which of course are all at the customer's sole expense.

Isn't that clever? I think that's clever.

That is why I don't shop at Lowes anymore and why I don't trusst any of the other Lowes brand names- Valspar (this paint) , Kobalt , Reliabilt, Garden Treeasures etc etc... because , really, if they're going to play games with paint cans to save a nickle where else in say, their tools, are they cost cutting at my expense ?

  • Jun 4, 2018

I purchased all my appliances easton Lowes store May 29 2016 with 5 years protection plan. About a month ago my washer broken and I called Lowes service dep. and they sent a service technician he looked my washer and he sad your washer has big issue but do not worry you covered with protection plan. I received phone call couple days later from the lowes service dep. and they told me your machine needs to be replace. Couple days later Lowes called me and told me they can not locate my purchase and they sad, I returned my appliances which was the most ridicules thing that I ever heard because I still have them. anyway I gave them my lowes membership account print out where all my purchased recorded by Lowes. still they sad they can not locate my purchase. I have spent countless hour on the phone and writing email still no result. One of their representative called and sad he fixed the issue and gave me reference number and sad in couple days Lowes would called you to schedule a delivery but no one called me and I called Lowes and they sad whoever you talked made a mistake we can not confirm your purchase.

I cal Lowes blame their local store local store says they called Lowes gave them all info still no result. It seems to me Lowes sells protection plan but it is fraud they do not provide any services. blaming their local store local store blames Lowes super service dep. No one takes responsibility.

Finally I got confirmation email "

May 31, 2018

Hello Suat,

Thank you for contacting Lowe’s. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

Your purchases have been located and registered to your service account. The purchase information is now on file and will be valid for warranty and scheduling purposes. A copy of receipt is not needed.

We have agreements with our vendors and service providers that we have verified

purchases on file. Should they have any questions or concerns, they contact us directly for verification.

If you have any additional questions please contact 1-888-775-6937.

Additionally, I would like to recommend that you visit to learn

how easy it is to sign up and begin using your MyLowe’s card to track purchase history,

get organized with folders and lists, stay on top of seasonal needs with reminders, and

many other great features available with MyLowes. You can even use your MyLowes

purchase history as a receipt.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please let me know.

Thanks again, and we look forward to helping you with all your projects and home improvement needs.

Have a great day,

Joyce B.

Receipt Specialists

  • Jun 2, 2018

I opened a lowes credit card october

Didnt get fence til 3 months later still

didnt have all of my fence til after january ...

because i was missing gate, panel and 2 posts.

why because,apparently wasnt measured correctly.

i was paying on a lowes card with not whole fence

installers got into condo without me being there.

i had wrong panel and posts,4 bags of cement in my garage for over a month.

lowes didnt order the correct 6 foot high by 8 foot long panel with 2 8 foot post.

what happened was they put the wrong material that, they picked up from my condo and installed the 6ft panel and posts thinking i would not notice. Lowes did not order the correct 8 foot post and panelso, it would match and look correct.

Lowes has this Lynn Lowe who just leaves a canned message to call her.

i have told her several times i work 10-7pm.

she has only offered me a 200 dollar lowes giftcard instead of correcting the errors of the fence by lowes who came out to measure and their installers who did a poor job who said thats lowes problem and was on the phone with his boss shaking my fence and put screws in between where the slots attach to the posts.

Nancy from lowes 0740 comes out agrees with the fence not being right and measures the post and takes photos.

I only called their corperate office because, i wasnt get anywhere with the store correcting my fence.

its now june 3rd 2018 and get the same canned message on my answering machine from this Lynn Lowe

Lynn Lowe is with Lowes executive customer service 336-658-7741...

lynn lowe had the nerve to say in a email on my phone that the fence was changed since the installation.

florida state fence was out here march 6,2018 @3pm

while the whole section of fence is so very loose. so, he put quick drying cement that didnt work still loose.and puts the panels in wrong they ar not,not basket weave.they are side by side.

this was very insulting from lynn lowe basically accusing me of changing the fence??? I opened up a lowes credit card to have lowes install my fence....i dont know how to install a fence.

i have a bad back, left knee, neck and poor leg can they sleep at night. its not even a big job???

3 panels,and a gate and 5 posts?? would of been a 2 hrs jobif it was ordred correctly and put together right for $1,500.00???

7 months later lowes still hasnt corrected this matter. Yet, this Lynn Lowe from lowes executive "customer service" accuses me of changing the fence??

I would be happy if a tv spokes person or a lawyer would put Lowes and florida state fence in it place and fix my 1. get the post all the same height.

the installer even asked on left side if i want the post out past the plug...that wasnt done and 2 sides have basket weave. right side is side by side not basket weave.

For compensation on my lowes card for dealing with days off being on my phone

talking to lowes to try to get them to fix my fence...... install was suppose to be 11/30/17.....12/12/17 missing gate and post and 2 posts...and piece for middle of fence and caps for top of post.

never ordered right side panel and posts 8ft.

  • May 17, 2018

I purchased a snoblower from Lowe's. I have used it about 8 or 10 times. I noticed a leak by the gear box. I took it in to them and they sent it out for repairs with the wrong unformation. Repaird something that did not need it and charged me 110 dollars. I sent it back for the right repair only for them to tell me it needed a new gear box for 250 doolars NO COVERED on the warranty.

It is like brand new and Was not damaged by me or anything else. In fact when i took it in they thought thatg I had just bought it and needed it loaded. They are selling a warranty they do not intend to honor and misrepresent the warranty when they sell it. BUY nothing like this at LOWE"S!!!!!

  • May 2, 2018

When we pay our Lowes pro account in full, the account is placed on hold for 21 days. We check with online bank and check clears in 1-2 days. Seams crazy to me. will be getting more buisness from me in the future.

  • Apr 12, 2018

I purchased a Samsung refigerator from Lowe's about a year and a half ago and purchased their extended warranty. After about ten months the ice maker in the refrigerator stopped working and I contacted Lowe's Warranty Service. They dispatched a technician to check and fix the problem. The technician advised me that this model Samsung refrigerator has a design flaw with the ice maker. The cold air and warm ice mix making the ice maker freeze up. The technician said the best he could do is try to seal the ice maker. The problem is the whole ice unit can not be sealed correctly to prevent the warm and cold air from mixing. The technician also told me after three complaints about the same problem Lowe's would replace the refrigerator per their warranty. The ice maker has continued to freeze up and the technician has been out to fix it at least three times. The last time the technician was here he recommended it be replaced. About two days after the technician's recommendation Lowe's sent me an email saying they wanted a second opinion. I called Lowe's asking them why because this problem has been going on for sometime. I requested a Supervisor and she told me that the ice maker was not an essential part of the refrigerator so the replacement probably wouldn't be approved. I spent $3000 on a refrigerator that has a design flaw but they won't replace it. A billion dollar company and they can't replace a refrigerator that they have identified with a design flaw.

  • Apr 10, 2018

On or around 1/22 I went to the Lowes website to order a new water heater. I found the one I wanted for about $367. I called the 800 number on the website to get installation for the water heater. I was told the water heater I wanted was in stock and it will take 3 to 10 days for delivery and installation, I said that this would be fine.

The next day, the installer calls me to say that they are at Lowes to get my water heater, but the one I ordered is out of stock and that I needed to get a more expensive model. I disputed this, but ended up getting another model which was more expensive. The installer shows up (one guy), does the installation, but had to leave to get a part. The installer comes back and completes the installation. I am very happy with the work.

I had applied for a Lowes credit card to make this purchase. I call Lowes the day after the installation to ask when to expect the Lowes card and if I have to activate the card to make my payments.

While going over my account info with Lowes, I find that my bill is $1,252.85. I'm shocked! I purchased a water heater that was $450 (the more expensive water heater I had to get because the $367 one was out of stock). So, I'm paying over $800 for the installation? I was told that there was additional parts needed for the installation including an expansion tank. OK...but $800? I am then told I was being charged $100 for an "emergency call" which I never requested and I was being charged $100 because the installation was a "two man job". Only one guy came to do the installation.

I immediately start disputing these charges and also argued that I should get a discount on the water heater because I was told the $367 water heater was in stock and was then told less then 12 hours later it was out of stock. I was ultimately given a total of $229 credit for the $100 "emergency call" and $129 credit for the more expensive water heater. However, I'm being charge $89 for a "hard access fee". The "hard access fee" was originally called a two man job, but when I said only one guy did the work, I was told it was a "hard access fee".

To install the new water heater, the installer need to carry the appliance 4 feet straight from my door to where the heater needed to be placed for installation. I had to move my clothes dryer, which I did myself before the installer arrived at my house. It took the installer less then 5 minutes to carry the water heater from my driveway to where it was to be installed. Nothing to move out of the way, no corners to move around, nothing to climb over, under or around. Four feet straight forward from my driveway to where the water heater sits now.

I call Lowes, Lowes customer service and Lowes credit card services to dispute this charge. The credit card services investigates and tells me about a month later that because I already got a $229 credit that the $89 "hard access fee" will stand. Huh? I call and dispute the charge again. The credit card services say that will investigate again. When I asked what the investigation entailed, I was told they will call the store and/or the installer. If they say the charge is a "hard access fee" then that is all they can do for me. I asked the credit card service if the stand by the card holder or Lowes and or Lowes installer? I did not get an answer.

I offered photos and video proof that the "hard access fee" is unjust. I explained that while $89 may not seem like much to some, but that it is big for me because I'm on a fixed income and can't afford to just eat it because an installer is outright overcharging me. Extra parts for the installation came to less the $125. So, I'm paying over $700 to install a $450 water heater. Being disabled, I could not do the installation myself, but more so, I didn't want to void the warranty for not having it professionally installed.

  • Mar 26, 2018

Had a 15 window install that is still incomplete. The contractor damaged a mulled window, damaged paneling in a bedroom, put a hole in my bathroom wall, put roofing nails in paneling, put roofing nails in siding. Told contractor the workmanship was unexceptable and his staff started running around with their heads cut off and hasn't been back since. They ordered a new mulled window that has been sitting at the Lowe's store since Dec. 2017. Dec. 2017 started contacting the corporate office about damages and also contacted the installer about my complaints, his response was "Oh, well", I ended the conversation. To this date, March 2018, the damages have gotten worse. I have window leaks, water running down kitchen wall, damaged floor from water, water in downstairs wall, 3 bedrooms with damaged paneling, mold and mildew has set in. So bad, if I stay in there 30 minutes I leave with a sore throat.

Called different Lowe's stores 60+ times with them only telling me to contact the corporate office which was not doing anything,but finally found a e-mail address to one of the BOD on the iinternet and sent him some pictures of the damages?. Their insurance contacted me in Feb 2018, had an adjustor out on the 27th of Feb. 2018, now insurance is stalling just like the corporate office/Project Coordinator. Then March 2018, the contractor insurance gets intouch with me, that was almost 3 weeks ago, and nothing since. On Lowe's proposal it states "All installation services are guaranteed by Lowe's labor warranty" and "Professional installation available through independent contractors licensed and registered where applicable." The job is still incomplete to this date March 25, 2018 and more damages continue every day. I researched the contractor on the SOSNC website to find that he has two company's that only does, fencing, siding and roofing. Now how did he get a window install job? To much to even list and my house is destroyed by negligence and incompitience, not only by the the contractor but by Lowe's also.

  • Mar 13, 2018

I purchased a new appliance from Lowes online. I accepted the fact that the local store did not have the model in stock and would require excessive time to deliver. A few days before the actual delivery, I decided I wanted to buy an extended warranty. I called and they said sorry, it's been more than 30 days since the purchase, you can no longer buy an extended warranty.

This, even though I had not received or laid eyes on the product. When the delivery arrived, the delivery man suggested I call back and ask to talk to a manager. I did so; after several long waits, I got the same response; sorry, past 30 days.

This sounds like a cookie-cutter policy that does not account for long delivery times. Why would they not want to sell me an extended warranty for a new product? Someone at Lowes headquarters needs to inject some common sense into such cases.

  • Mar 4, 2018

This complaint is primarily about the Lowe's Central Production Office (CPO), i.e. the Lowe's Central Installation Office. On January 16th, Lowe's contractor started a carpet install. They finished around noon on January 18th. Upon inspection, and before signing off on the job, I noticed large white stripes running across the carpet in every single room. I also noticed that the carpet pad sounded like bubble wrap. Turns out the installer had duct taped the pad, causing the popping noise.

I contacted the CPO, who told me they would need me to have the carpet steam cleaned so they could file a warranty claim with the manufacturer. I was expected to pay for the steam cleaning out of my own pocket. I asked what happens if the manufacturer denies the warranty claim, and the CPO told me: "we will cross that bridge when we come to it". I asked why I should fork out additional funds if there is no guarantee of resolution, and was told simply that I must have the carpet steam cleaned, there is nothing further they can do.

I put in a CC dispute with my bank, which took about a month to go through. In that time, I was put in contact with the Lowe's Executive Support personnel. The Executive support personnel merely repeated what the CPO had stated about having the carpet steam cleaned. I eventually started working with the store manager, who agreed to re-order the carpet and the pad, and have the defective carpet replaced. Kudo's to the store manager for actually stepping up.

The carpet is in and is sitting at the installers office, where it has been for the past 2 weeks. The Lowe's executive support person is refusing to proceed with the replacement until I drop the CC dispute. I would trust that a retailer the size of Lowe's would know that a customer cannot drop a CC dispute once the chargeback has been initiated. I have repeatedly explained that providing a full refund or replacing the carpet will make the dispute go away, yet no resolution has occurred. I am sitting on two houses, unable to move until the carpet is installed in the new house, unable to sell my existing property, losing money every single day.

Please do not make the same mistake that I did. If you are at a Lowe's which requires you to go through the "CPO" or "installed sales office", do not purchase. You will sorely regret it.

  • Feb 21, 2018

Lowe's provided us with a project manager. It sounds cool, but it was a disaster for windows and doors for our home. The project manager had serious problems quoting the doors/windows and labor charge and then tried to sell us two (2) doors for $6000 and then eventually $500 each. I was never able to choose the type of material. He quoted the low end, then the high end, and that was it. No choosing the color or material or anything else for that matter. Basically, these are two prices - Take it or leave it. This is the whopper though - $8000 for labor for two doors (trim work and a beam). That's right, $8,000 for labor only. I verified this twice through email. You may get two doors for $1,000 (which is not what I even wanted), but you are going to pay $8, 000 for us to install them. This is serious price gouging and an extreme example of trying to take advantage of people that they think don't know any better.

I have been a customer and cardholder at Lowe's for decades, but this is just wrong. Please always get a get a second estimate on prices. A snazzy window competitor came in at about $1,000 installation, and they are an upscale high-end architectural window company. (even stating that no additional beam was needed.) Regardless, I wanted to give Lowe's a chance. I expected more from Lowe's. I like Lowe's and enjoy shopping there, but this is plain wrong. This should not happen to anyone else.

  • Jan 30, 2018

Lowes Waipahu has refused to address (Certified mail letter to the Manager on 1-22-18) a Lemon Law issue with the Electrolux refrigerator I purchased from Lowes on 3-7-16 which has a water/ice dispensar shut off problem unresolved 4 times now by technicians, since my purchase.

I want a replacement.

I am exasperated nobody from Lowes has even bothered to call or email me.

  • Jan 27, 2018

Rebate online asks




DEPT# 136362




  • Jan 5, 2018

They tried to leave the machines in the middle of my kitchen to wait for the kit to arrive. We said no, we imagined that could be a problem. They said that we didn't paid for that, so we showed them the receive. We called to Lowe's but half an hour passed and we were still waiting on the phone, so the drivers took the machines with them. When they answered Jackie, a very nasty employee said that we didn't pay for the kit, again one hour to demonstrate that we paid for everything and at that point we had NOTHING, only mistreatement from the employee who schedule the delivery for the 5th. On January 2nd we received the kit but never the machines, but we did receive a text message telling us that the delivery was 100% done.

We called Lowe's and talked to Assistant Manager named Javier who said that we had the machines, after a while of accusing us having the machines, my son told him that we have cameras in the building and at home and the Police could see clearly who is stilling the machines and that would be Lowe's, not us. Ten minutes after Javier said that employees would come the 3rd with the machines to install them. We received text message from XPO, the delivery company hired by Lowe's, that they would come between 11.30PM and 1.30PM, at around 2PM, we received another text that they would come between 2PM and 4PM and finally we received a phone call at 3.26PM from somebody who said that was calling from a calling center, but the phone number was 1-866-881-2228 which is from XPO, the delivery company explaining that the truck had problems and that today the 4th first time in the morning we would have the machines installed and she offered me a gift certificate for the inconvenience. My son and I are disabl

  • Dec 29, 2017





  • Dec 21, 2017

It began with an e-mail from Lowe's saying that I had missed my credit card statement. Ok stupid me, sorry i don't live in my e-mail account.

i arranged for the account to be paid in full on the 15th of Dec. 2017. With that done, i expected that the account was settled. On the 19th of dec.2017, Lowes still didn't take the money for the credit card. i immediatlymade arrangement through Lowes credit card services to make a second payment, figuring that I had done something wrong the first time. On the 20th of dec. 2017, Lowes credit card services took both payments. Upon seeing that, I contacted Lowes credit card services, where I was told that getting my second payment back would take 15 days by check. Explaining that there was a mixup andf a double payment was administered, they didn't care. I spoke to a supervisor, she was less that helpfull and just plain didn't care. she offered to give me the corporate address so I could send a letter to complain about why I couldnt my funds electronically transfered. So in the meantime, I have to pay overdraft fees, because they woun't transfer overpaid funds.

I called Lowes corporation, wonce again, meet with a stone wall. the young man I spoke with couldn't care less, and thought it was acceptable on the way the credit card was handling the payment overdraft.

I even sent an E-mail to the chairman: Robert Niblock as sent to him:

Hello Robert,

Thank you for the Lowes credit card, unfortunately, the card and services are not worth the financial pain.

I have given Lowes the opportunity to respond to my credit card issue, even calling the corporate office and speaking with Kelly.

Seemed to be a nice guy, but had no concern about my issue.

If you care to speak with me in person on the phone, here is my number .

I am retired military and a disabled veteran. I can’t believe that a fortune 500 company doesn’t care about how the credit card services are handled.

With that all being said. Please cancel my credit with Lowe’s. I have paid it in full, so no big loss to me.

Best reguards,

  • Dec 8, 2017

I called the corporate office, they told me to refer to the rebate receipt. I explained that the receipt did not break down the purchase/ rebate as he was telling me nor did the receipt reflect the breakdown as he was inferringtwice ithe telephone at this point went silent twice i called and was disconnected by some strange reason.I decided not to call again and file a Yscm.

  • Nov 14, 2017

Submitted all required documentation for Lowes 11% Rebate and never recieved payment.

I called the Lowes Rebate Customer Service number and got a different excuss everytime i called and also got a "it will be mailed, expect it within 15 days". After 3 months of trying, i finally gave up. The Rebate Tracking Number is FGKW 2325-75

  • Nov 7, 2017

Started out nice BUT....Ordered french doors for our sunroom and was disappointed that I couldn't have the full glass because we needed a dog door installed. The gentleman in the store was nice and showed us the dog doors available and helped us pick out the right size. (This required my daughter sending me pictures and me talking to the gentleman via phone because I am handicapped)

When the french doors showed up, there was no dog door to be installed and the man who originally helped us was no longer there. Now I have no dog door and I can't even see out into my backyard from my chair. They insist that we need to pay for the dog door and having it installed even though we went to all of the trouble of coordinating it.

We were having them put in a 6 ft vinyl fence in the back yard, but we told them to forget it We want someone dependable. I can now see why there are so many reviews about good sales people and poor management teams at Lowes. They lost a $7500 fence budget over the principle of a $130 dog door. Very Poor customer service and planning.

  • Nov 7, 2017

8-11-17--Kurtis West(Project Specialist) came and measured for fence installation. He measured both fronts, the entire right neighbor fence and behind my wooden swing set. I watched hime measure my existing privacy fence from my upper deck

9-5-17--I gave Kurtis West my credit card number for fence installation

9-11-17--$1727.12 was taken out of my checking account for fence installation

9-25-17--Fence getting installed

9-26-17-Fence installed completed according to REC Construction. Per drawing Kurtis West gave them. Kurtis West measured everything in front of of and gave REC partial measurements

9-26-17-I notified Larry(Lowes Store Manager) that my fence install was not completed and I was deceived my Kurtis West. Larry assured me that he would make it right

9-26-17--I called the contractor,REC Contruction to let them know that my fence installation was not completed.

Per their drawing(I have never seen this drawing) he said the install was completed. His number is 740-644-0261 and he said was going to contact Kurtis West

9-29-17--I called Larry at Lowes to get the receipt for the profuct I paid for. Offered no remedy

9-29-17--Kurtis West left message on my cell phone not saying anything about a remedy for my fence install

10-2-17-I put in dispute with Ohio Atty General Office

10-11-17--No Communication from Lowes or REC Contruction

10-12-17-Zack Grose at Lowes Headquarters called me and said he was going to refund my monies

Reason I disputed transaction was because no one was trying to help or remedy my situation. This fence installation has caused stress in my life,that was not needed,Yes I deserve a refund

10-26-17--Zack Grose calls me back and says I do not deserve a refund


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