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Loving Donations

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Phone 1-800-749-5773

Loving Donations Reviews

  • Nov 21, 2016

Good Afternoon, I would just like to share my experience with Loving Donations for all the people interested in creating or expanding families of their own. First off I would like to say Deana seemed like a great person to be in business with because she believed in the same morals as I did and she made it seem like she could make my dreams come true. This is exactly what made her all the more manipulative.

Deana is the type of person to listen to all your wishes and make it seem like she can make them become a reality. I married when I was young and got two beautiful girls out of it. Although the marriage didn’t last, I did remarry to a man without children. I wanted to make a family for him. Because so much time has passed, I needed assistance in growing my family as we did wish to get pregnant. I told Deana many things about my marriage and my situation as a woman and she told me that despite any hiccups or obstacles my dreams would be alive— and I believed her. I paid Deana $6,000 for agency compensation and we started the process. I also spent $950 for a lawyer Deana requested to have between me and the donor. As I continued the process, I started to notice how long it was taking to do things that should’ve been elongated such as simply finding a donor. This little task was lengthened due to the mere fact of Deana not putting my opinion into account such as the location I would like the donor to be at.

On the Loving Donations website, I chose a donor and we continued the process. She told me the donor was 115 pounds. When the clinic called me about the donor, they told me she was actually 264 pounds! The same donor went in for a psychiatric evaluation and was said to be unstable. I called Deana to tell her this donor was unfit and unqualified. We dismissed her and continued the search. This whole process with one donor took a whole year. There were about 10 donors in my preferred state and I continued looking for a donor under Loving Donations— and we finally found a few. Deana promised to have found ‘the donor of my dreams’. She would tell me all these good things about how the donor fit all my qualifications. I wanted to continue the process. Deana would promise to get in touch with the donor but would insist that the donor wasn’t answering. As a business, Deana should have reliable communication with her donors, but she had none. I honestly believe all the women put on Deana’s website are scams and not even real donors. I believe these women are just ways to get money from helpless people.

Loving Donations is the complete opposite of what it portrays in the name. The president, Deana, preys on the most vulnerable couples to spend money on things she promises just to have them never come true. Deana Hall-DeGroot had the nerve to ask and speak with my two children and promise them that all our dreams would come true. She would sometimes call me and speak to me for hours giving me hope about the future I wished to have. Deana was very unprofessional after I paid her agency. She would always cross the line between personal and professional. Sometimes I would tell Deana thing confidentially and because she was unprofessional, if I kept pushing her to do her job and fulfill her promises, she would simply go and tell her husband what I’d told her.

Deana wasted 2 years of my life. This process took all my money away and left me with nothing but stress. Because of this process, I have undergone three surgeries that cost more than $35,000. The insurance company did not cover this procedure . I have also spent $7,000 to start my medicinal cycle with the clinic I was using. I had to pay $1,000 for a psychiatric evaluation of a donor and another $1,000 for my husband and I. I am currently looking for the best lawyer I could find. Continuing to sue Deana is not about the money she has taken away from me. It is about me and all the women who have gotten scammed find justice.

I will never let Deana get away with scamming multiple women in various but vulnerable positions and I will continue to fight this battle against her in the name of justice. I will continue to post this complaint and never stop until I see this woman get the punishment she deserves.

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