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Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Myers
Address 4415 Metro Parkway
Phone 1855-288-3272

LOCALiQ Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2022

We have used localiq several years, and after receiving invoices with double charges for the month of September 2021 and October 2021, We spoke several times with our sales rep Jeremy Carr at localiq and he said he will take care of it and never did, we decided to cancel services and by December of 2021 he had said services are cancelled and you dont have a balace due to the company, to our surprice he never corrected the errors and no cancelation was done. He never corrected the invoices, He never cancelled our services with the Localiq- News Press. We called the company several times and emailed but no one answers or returns phone calls, a complaint was filed with the CC company to reverse the monthly Charges on the CC used and olso blocked the company to not be able to charge the credit card any more in hopes they contact us to resolve the problem, Credit card company succesfully resolved the dispute in our favor to find out they send and invoice with the credit disputed without answer.

After all we decided to send a certify letter with return recipt to cancel services on January 2022 and finaly services were cancelled. But invoices piled up and lastly we received a call from Aaron Carrera ( Collection specialist) from Gannett trying to called money from us from "past due" invoices including doble charged invoices for september and octuber 2021 plus late fees.

We had talked to Aaron Carrera several times and refuses to fix the doble invoices, We had offer to pay the months until the cancelation minus the doble chrges for 2 months and acumulated late fees but we have gone no were to find a resolution because he said he has to collect based on what the sales rep Jeremy Carr says we owed.

We have called several times our sales rep Jeremy Carr he only replies " I am in a meeting, I will call you later" and never calls, we have send him emails, he is avoing us. we have sent cerfitied letters to the office in Texas. We have email several people, Reginal Manager Chip Meiers, Manager/ Supervisor Diana / Matt Forsyth regarding this matter and no one has ever helped, replied or called back. We have called several numbers. We even went to the office in Fort Myers of News press it was a gost town no one works there where sign in all doors with names, emails and phone numbers but no one answers.

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