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Liyang Chengbo Furniture Co., Ltd.

Country United States
State Alabama

Liyang Chengbo Furniture Co., Ltd. Reviews

  • Aug 4, 2020

I purchased 6 Solar lights and accessories from JenBird. They stated a US company but once transaction went through I saw it was CHIN. After months and months of waiting they sent me a different product. Bait and switch. they sent these tiny solar lights that did not compare. They didn't work! They shut down their website page and would not communicatine. Per PayPal they said I would have to ship back with tracking. So I have to pay $60.00 to get $57.00 back?

I sent back without tracking for $15.00. PayPal said not good enough and closed my case. Where is the protection from PayPal? After I was scammed, I saw at least 25; and others and more getting scammed by this company....and PayPal has not shut them down. They are aware. I asked why and they said they eventually tag these companies and shut them down. I call BS Scammed me with bait n switch. Knowing most won't mail back as it costs t9o much with tracking. They set up a little scam system.

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