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Livengood Alskog, PLLC

Country United States
State Washington
City Kirkland
Address 121 3rd Ave
Phone 1 425-822-9281

Livengood Alskog, PLLC Reviews

  • Jul 1, 2019

A professional, corporate face to the community, but brazen sexist entitlement among the male partners of this law firm, which does corporate and criminal defense, a "license" , due to their connections and corporate status.

The law firm, representing a school system client, did not warn the parents or students of an elementary and/or jr high school that a known predator had preyed on a young female student around the school premises.

In another situation, the partners knew of sexual predatory harassment by a male partner of a younger female subordinate and the partners fired the female subordinate and protected the male partner.

  • Jun 24, 2019

This law firm represents, defends, school districts against lawsuits and liability. The firm kept silent and did not warn parents or the elementary/jr high students when they knew of a known serial child sexual predator and kidnapper who had been caught hovering around the school, and who had also made death threats. The firm also knew of one of the firm's male partner's sexual harassment and preying upon a young female subordinate at the law firm and rather than terminate or discipline the partner, the firm concocted a pretext to terminate the employment of the subordinate. This firm may put on a corporate, professional face to the community, but it is as morally dirty as it gets.

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