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Country United States
State Alabama

Liven Reviews

  • Nov 17, 2022

Beware of Liven (LivenPay) and the founder, William Wong. They defrauded many people who invested in their so called, “guaranteed return crypto coin”. The founder of LivenPay, William Wong, guaranteed people a return on their investment and openly said, it can’t fail. They sold more than $14 million AUD in tokens, but the whole thing was a front to raise money to pay themselves a salary and fund the growth of LivenPay. All the investors in their coin and have unfortunately been left high and dry and scammed out of their money. I’m aware of four people who have invested in their coin and all four lost their money the day they handed it over. Literally day one, the money was gone.

William Wong & the Liven management team should be ashamed of themselves. They saw a chance to take advantage of people and they took it. An A-grade Ponzi scheme! They promised great returns, but the only people who came out of the situation with money in their pockets was William Wong & Liven. All investors in the LivenPay crypto coin have been left with nothing. In the United States, we do things differently. If William Wong and the Liven management behind this scam were based in the US, they would be vilified and investigated. We don’t tolerate fraudsters.

Why am I writing this? I invested a small amount of money through a friend and the fact I lost my money, it’s ok, I can still pay my rent. But its not ok to take advantage of people.

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