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Limestone County Attorney

Country United States
State Alabama
City Athens
Address 200 W Washington St
Phone 1 256-233-6416

Limestone County Attorney Reviews

  • Mar 14, 2023

Brain C, T. Jones & Joshua McLaughlin,

I just realized that I was not provided an incident report for the date that I shot at the black Pit Bull named Lady. I really thought it was just the vandalism of my home the Sheriff’s office refused to document. I want you to know that the actions of both of your offices is a disgraceful, deplorable sham!

· Neighbors trained a Pit Bull to attack on command as I witnessed the event and was horrified to see a well-muscled dangerous instrument burst onto my property speeding straight toward me, then suddenly come to a stop on command. I only had a BB gun but the neighbors called the Sheriff’s office and filed a false report. When the deputy came to my home, he wanted me to surrender the BB gun, but I refused.

· On another occasion, a vicious dog attacked a Spectrum technician working at my home, so I called 911. The call was immediately transferred to Animal Control and I had to leave a voice message. When the deputy arrived at my home, he did not speak to me, the homeowner. He spoke to the male technician. The deputy told the technician that he had his back. However, when the deputy did not secure and/or remove the animal from the street, I asked “what about my safety?” He stated that he did not know what to tell me, he was unable to secure the dog. However, he did manage to secure the animal to its lead next door at Hampton Lane! The deputy told this 70-year-old disabled woman that he could not confiscate the dog from its own property as that would be considered theft.

· On another occasion this plaintiff needed assistance and contacted the Sheriff’s office. When the deputy arrived at my home the first words out of his mouth was “are you still taking your medication?” This homeowner was outraged as I was not on any medication, especially medication for a Mental Illness! The deputy told me that “no one was running a machine that is hurting you” and that there “was something wrong with me.” Then he threatened to call the Department of Human Resources (DHR) to investigate my Mental Capacity.

· When several deputies broke into my home on April 27, 2021, they damaged my back door and refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. I am absolutely convinced that the deputies wanted to hurt me as the look on their faces as they twisted my arms, could be considered Elder Abuse in the 1st degree, and that is a Class A felony.

· I am adamant with regards to the fact that the Sheriff’s office, the probate judge, and both attorneys involved in the events of April 27, 2021 Acted in Concert with one another for one purpose only, to make an attempt on my life. To have me ripped from my home and discarded. That could be construed as Attempted Murder, and that is also a Class A felony.

You, Mr. District Attorney, and/or someone in your office declined to prosecute! Pit Bulls still have a bad reputation for violent behavior, or do you simply not know anything about dog breeds? Try using the website for the American Kennel Club (AKC). Pit Bulls are banned from all AKC events for a good reason! Whatever your reasoning was, “Decline to Prosecute for an undocumented reason, other than Probable Cause,” is a disgrace to your position in the Judicial System! Your actions should be considered as felony criminal activity! Not just Acting in Concert or Dereliction of Duty!

You, Mr. Sheriff, and/or your Deputies should be equally ashamed of the conduct of your departmental personnel. Animal Control came after a brown dog, breed unknown, because the dog attempted to attack someone up the street from my home. YOU, only ignore the aggressive or violent dogs if they are attacking me personally, is that not true? That is exactly what I now believe. Also, if people vandalized another person’s home, YOU would ferret out the criminals and bring them to justice! Is that true also, Mr. Sheriff? Your actions also should be considered as felony criminal activity! Not just Acting in Concert or Dereliction of Duty!

It is my opinion that neither one of you gentlemen are qualified to be in the vital positions that you both are gainfully employed. I know you do not have a problem with ALL women. The person up the street from my house, that motivated you to take action, was a woman! I would like to know why I was singled-out as an Undesirable person to live in this Athens, Alabama?

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