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Country United States
State New York
City Roslyn
Address 1043 Northern Blvd
Phone 516-869-8989

LIMANI Reviews

  • Feb 14, 2021

So I went for dinner with my few friends for valentines dinner and my bill was $900 plus the mandatory service charge which was to be added at 20% but instead, I saw $405 tip so I asked the waiter to call his manager, some greek guy with the attitude walks up and he says it is 20% service charge but I pointed out how come it was $405 it does not add up so he says it is what it is and pay the bill I got really upset and told him to calculate and tell me at what percentage is $405. he instead of fixing the bill to correct 20% service charge he started arguing with me and talking down at me in a consending way then I lost my patience and I started raising my voice infont of all the customers so he says I won't be allowed in the restaurant again if I raised my voice so now i lost it and got more upset then his entire restaurant staff came out and they said they will correct the bill to 20% service charge and they readjusted the bill to $180 tip without any apologies, I will never go this shady restaurant ever again for there behavior, All my friends are very upset with for ripping us off.

What a sad scam, Renu Christou should be ashamed of himself. Reno Christou you should stop ripping off people, Renu if you are so hard on for money go and scam people in other industry not in customer-oriented restaurants business, I cannot wait to see you shut down the Roslyn location, We cannot have such a ripoff unscrupulous restaurant operators in our neighborhood.

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