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Lile North American Moving and Storage

Country United States
State Oregon
City Salem
Address 1957 Claxter Rd NE
Phone 503-393-0110

Lile North American Moving and Storage Reviews

  • Oct 21, 2015

Lile Moving & Storage movers broke my desk upon unloading it from their truck. The two movers let me know that everything is insured and unfortunately this happens from time to time. I understood that, and they told me just to submit a claim and, I quote, "it would either be fixed or replaced." Since it cannot be fixed due to the nature of the damage, I figured it would be replaced. This is one half of the deceitful part of the complaint, as the replacement costs were not explained any further than this.

However, when the movers were done, roughly 45 minutes to an hour later, and were having me sign the final paperwork they checked a box on the Bill of Lading form which states "Goods will be valued at $.60 pound per article". The second part of the deceit and a flat out lie happened when the mover himself checked that box, and the "Release of Goods" line, and said "you need to sign both to state that we are done physically moving the items from one house to the other." He did not explain that I was agreeing to be reimbursed at such a small rate because of the checkbox that he checked, nor that this form had any bearing on a claim that would be filed. Had he identified that I was signing to accept reimbursement and not just to allow him to leave the jobsite, I would have NEVER signed that and would have instead called Lile to find out what my options were.

I emailed them the following Monday, as my move was done on a Friday, and they took 48 of the 60 days to respond to my claim. Had I not emailed them asking for another (3rd) update myself, I would have recieved a check in the mail with no further explanation. I was absolutely tricked into agreeing to reimbursement at such a small rate. The mover told me and my father that it would be fixed or replaced. It's an underhanded and sneaky tactic and now that I've signed Lile won't even discuss any other options. Do not use them as they will lie to you to save having to reimburse you for damages at a proper amount!

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