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Lightning Dispatch

Country United States
State New Mexico
City Farmington
Address 609 E 38th St
Phone 1 410-417-6969

Lightning Dispatch Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2022

This post was created by the owners of Lightning Dispatch, to inform the public of Michael Egendurdiev, aka Mikhail, aka Michael Skalski who is currently running a spinoff of our website called under our name, Lightning Dispatch. He is currently being investigated for corporate sabotage and he's looking at some serious prison time the second we catch this international criminal.

He came into our company, learned our skills, then overnight left behind our backs and took all of our clients and employees with him. Now, he posts fake reviews to cause further damage, steals our name, logo (you can go to his website right now and see it), advertising videos, imagery, everything he can. It's sad actually. No original talent there.

To this day he still goes to extraordinary measures to find ways to steal our dispatchers and clients. He's a genuine thief to the extreme. A super snake. This guys is as dirty and grimy as they come. Be very careful with this guy. He is very unstable mentally.

Check out, we have the highest consistent customer satisfaction rating in the industry because we're for truckers by truckers, Veteran owned and operated, and we started this company to solve all the problems plaguing the industry.

Our clients love us, our employees love us; come see why guys like this go through extraordinary measures to be just like us! Thank you for your time and consideration, have a wonderful day!

  • Apr 14, 2022

Lightning Dispatch LLC has 2 owners Vitaly Zaytsev and Brent Bustamante who operate outside of the United States. Apart from breaking the law they also hire people on a remote position and then just throwing them apart.

Not paying anything. It's a complete Scam. There are 7 people whom they owe already more than $10k Total! People work honestly and they hope to receive some justice.

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