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Country United States
State Alabama

LightInTheBox Reviews

  • Feb 14, 2023

They did not note that thier shoes are extremely narrow. I ordered two pair and found my foot is woder than the OUTSIDE of the shoes. They want me to send them to China, even thought they were shipped from NY. The UPS cost is $74.00 to do that. They know no one will send these back to China. A complete RIPOFF!

  • Sep 16, 2022

I reported that I did not receive the leather coat and they emailed me saying they would give me a refund which I never got.

  • Jan 10, 2022

I ordered a jacket and another ski outfit with a jacket and pants. The single jacket is defective. There is a tie for the waist. Rather than being at a normal waist level, the tie is three inches above my waistline and hits just below my breasts. The jacket smells like plastic and is of very poor quality. The ski outfit I ordered was for size SMALL.

The company shipped a size small pant but a size MEDIUM jacket. The jacket is HUGE on me. I wish to return all items. They won't refund my money unless I pay for shipping back to China -- $60+ for shipping. I want to return the items because they are defective and they shipped the wrong size. I don't think I should be required to pay for shipping of defective items sent in the wrong size.

Overall, the products are of very poor quality, cheap fabrics, poor workmanship. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

  • Feb 11, 2021

Seller website for women wear is a SCAM 4 custmers money .Order item Sales refund LAW policy state buyer can request new item to be RETURN-REFUND if the item is not as dexcribed and does not fit and requires seller to issue buyer a USPS Return Paid Shipment Label to attach to new item package, seller fail follow rules refuse to apply guidelines request for full refund $129.70 was debit buyer had alredy PAID Shipment & Insurance fee included $28.83 included in cost Total as a fee later seller tried claim buyer had pay for the return is not the wensite sales buy refund exchange policy law,they had the audacity remove coat after contact the bank too.Lots of SCAM websites omline beware SCAMMERS THIEF Thx

Report to pay pal, credit card or your bank debit card to get full refund other resourses

Order item had to billing invoices with 2 different Total amounts on their website for the buyer look below here

Shipment 1 of 1:Received Shipping Date Estimate Shipping Time Shipped Via Tracking Number Action January 22, 2021 7 - 14 Business days delivery Economy Air (US Priority Line-FTE-PM) 9205590281670500522231

Track Customer Service Women's Faux Fur Coat Long Solid Colored Going out Red S M L XL

Color: Red

Size: L

Quantity: 1

Cost: USD $114.99

Subtotal (1 item): US $114.99 Shipping Charges & Insurance: USD $ 28.83 Sales Tax (6.00%) : US $5.88 (-) Rewards & Credit:USD $ 20 Grand Total: US 129.70

NEXT READ below another cost $149.70

Order Date: January 21, 2021 Order Number: 2101210943050145 Order Total: US $149.70

  • Jan 12, 2021

This company is a scam and their website should be shut down before they rip-off anyone else! I purchased a Bathroom Faucett from this company, which was to be received in 7-14 days. It took over a month. I never expected the purchase to be shipped directly from China.

Looked great when received, however, when it came to installation, realized quickly the product was designed poorly and would not fit a standard American countertop. The design was absolute garbage. Started the return process based on a defective product and was told I would need to ship it back to China on my own dime.

Once received in new condition, they would process a refund. After what I am reading about them online, I doubt they will ever make a refund if I return this product. Do not do business with this company!

  • Oct 7, 2020

I purchased a hiseeu security camera through lightinthebox. I had difficulty logging in and now I am locked out. I contacted hiseeu for technical help and they refused because it was sold through lightinthebox. They told me to contact the seller. I have emailed the seller several times and got no response. I just need to unlock it.

I discovered lightinthebox has a complaints number and email. The complaint phone number has a swedish prefix and will not connect. The email address given just bounces back. They also have a head office in Seattle - 600 1st Ave Seattle WA 98104. I have checked this address out and believe it to be phoney too.

  • May 14, 2020

They act like they are stupid and don't understand the problem. I've been trying to get a refund for months but they ignore what I'm writing and act as if I was unhappy by the delay and apologize for the delay, even though the product returned to them months ago. Obvious bogus company. When I call they claim to not be the company. The number to their affiliates are: +12127506474 but they refuse to give me contact information to the right person to talk to. Please call and ask for lightinthebox, if only to annoy them!

  • Jan 30, 2020

Where do i start? Ordered xmas presents on 3rd december 2019. I received my order. Found all clothing too small (ordered to all sizes as illustrated on web site)and raised a ticket immediately on the 12th December 2019.

They wanted proof via images and tape measure, which i provided. i asked them to organize returns. they offered 50% refund and not to return. i told them that all the clothing was useless to me and 50% would not cut it.

i therefore suggested that they send me an alternative item and to check against my measurements that i provided. to achieve this, they had to discount and increase by 50% to 64%. they agreed BUT only 32% refund and 32% store credit (of which i had to spend 200%)

they did not refund my postage on my original purchase. to top it off, they wanted me to pay the postage again. THE CLOTHING was SUPPOSED TO BE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, WHICH WE HAD TO SPEND MORE TO MAKE SURE MY FAMILY DIDN'T DO WITHOUT.

2 MONTHS LATER, I'M STILL BEEN BATTERED WITH BY CUSTOMER SERVICES. I am registered as disabled and housebound. the web is my only way to contacting the outside world and this company is a joke!!!!

  • Dec 25, 2019

I ordered and paid for two wigs from Premier Wigs via this company is a rip-off

Do not buy from this website ... ordered a 150% and a 180% density wig, each wig sent was 130% AND the same exact WIG!!!! - - - - I spent closse to $400.00 for absolute MESS!!!! - - - - I am hurt, disgusted and angry that this company is just taking people money!!! I will NEVER EVER order from this company again

  • Jan 22, 2018

After over 10 back and forth emails through their web form, they keep stalling and stating wrong refund amounts,a different item each email and have requested photo proof of bad measeurements, state wrong information, etc. The supervisors are a seperate email form, but they are in cahoots with this deceptive practise, I believe that they try to wear a customer down so that they will give up eventually. I was talked into trying them out by a relative who, after I ordered, they had similar situation and had even paid extra for faster delivery, but their order still has not even showed up. I did not do my homework and check out this copmpany first as I trusted relative's judgement from a 2012 order that they put in that did not have the issues. Now I see all of the reports and BBB complaints that the company ignores and wonder how they are still in business! I have a very strong feeling that even if they DO agree to refund me and send me the RMA label, I will not get a refund.

  • Jan 10, 2018

As many others have experienced with Lightinthebox, I never received my product and they kept saying I needed to wait longer. The tracking information is either false or incompetant. They use PayPal credit processing to shield themselves from customers. I try to avoid PayPal too, but that is another story.

Finally, I had to file a dispute with American Express to get my money returned. You are taking a HUGE risk if you still deceide to buy anything from this "company".

  • Dec 29, 2017

I ordered a wig on November 11th 2017. According to the company the item was shipped November 18th 2017. When I saw that it has been a month since my item was shipped. I submitted a customer complaint Their response was "Thank you for shopping with us. However, in case of bad weather or unexpected situation, please kindly understand that they may need more days; most of the packages can be delivered in 38-40 days. Your order was shipped out on 2017-11-18 with Tracking # RK843742452CN. So you should receive the order before [2017-12-26], which is the 38th day of shipping. Your kind patience and understanding are highly appreciated. Sincerely, Kamal Customer Service". However, I still today didn't get my package. Any further complaint I filed they say it has already been resolved. I told them I want a refund they say the issue has already resolved when clearly it has been resolved. Please help get my money back.

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