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Lighthouse Media

Country United States
State Alabama

Lighthouse Media Reviews

  • Nov 13, 2015

I have worked for this studio for a year, and they went bankrupt in September and have withheld all of their models money. We haven't seen a dime of it, and they ignore all attempts to get in touch except to say that they have gone bankrupt- so basically we're all out of luck.

DO NOT apply to model for them, they may put you to work on a site but they WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY! I promise! They are dishonest, and so shady. They are still accepting new models, allowing them to work, and stealing their profits because the girls don't know any better.

DO NOT waste your time. I know I'll never see a penny of the hundreds I'm owed. They are HORRIBLE!!!

One angry model aka (Exposingthetruth)

modesto, California

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