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Lighthouse Auto Care

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Port Washington
Address 927 S Spring St
Phone 1 262-689-7595

Lighthouse Auto Care Reviews

  • Sep 27, 2021

Untrustworthy. DO NOT trust them with your car repairs. DO NOT buy a vehicle from them. YOU WILL regret it. We bought a GMC Acadia off them, as is in May. But we figured since they are also a mechanic shop, and Chuck the owner assured us it was a great car, we were getting a great deal. However, in July the timing belt & alternator went. Another $3000.00 dollars to Lighthouse Auto care. OK, things happen.

In October the entire car quit. We had it towed to Engine & Transmission exchange. They said it was the timing belt. Great, that is covered under warranty. Had it towed back to Lighthouse. They have the car for 2 weeks before they even look at it. Then they call and say the entire engine was destroyed by a mouse. No fixing it. A mouse. That is covered by my comprehensive insurance policy. Call my insurance. They send out a guy. He says it was NOT a mouse. Hmmmm... So Chuck gets angry, says it was partly a mouse. My insurance sends another guy. Definitely not a mouse. No mouse damage. Chuck only wants to get paid for lifting the engine and telling us it was destroyed. He says he will take what is left of the car as payment, just drop off the title. This morning I find out he billed my Insurance for his work on top of that. He got us coming and going and going. Sold us a shitty car, took the car after it was broke and billed out insurance. $10,000.00 rip off!! Steer clear!!!

It will save you money, time & headaches in the long run. And he is an untrustworthy liar. Should have realized when I saw he had court records for writing bad checks and not paying his taxes.

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