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Life Rock Ambulance

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Totowa
Address 409 Minnisink Road
Phone 973-256-5024

Life Rock Ambulance Reviews

  • Aug 25, 2017

My poor, disabled husband, and I, recently endured cruel, calloused treatment by the LifeRock Ambulance company in Totowa, N.J. - a transportation company that our State of New Jersey pays to transport Medicaid clients. The state arranged for LifeRock to transport my husband from a local nursing home back to our home here in Belleville on Monday, August 21st, at 10 a.m. I was eager to see my husband again, after our two teenaged daughters, my mother, and I, enjoyed a much-needed getaway for one week. My husband could not join us on our family vacation, since he may be transported only by ambulances. So I was happy to see the LifeRock vehicle pull up with my husband...until I saw that they arrived with no stretcher. LifeRock instead showed up with a manual wheelchair, and spoke of my husband needing to stay in that wheelchair, since LifeRock had "no legal authority" to move him from that chair to his in-home, hospital bed! The driver/transporter talked to his manager on the telephone, as I explained: my husband is immobile from Parkinson's Disease and Dementia; my husband cannot wheel himself in a manual wheelchair; and my husband is confined, 24/7, to his hospital bed that we pay $220 per month for, since Medicaid will not cover the cost of that much-needed, fully electric hospital bed. LifeRock couldn't have cared less. The muscle-bound driver/transporter REFUSED to lift my husband onto his hospital bed, leaving my husband slumped over in the wheelchair that I never requested! The driver/transporter gave me a LifeRock business card with a phone number of 973-256-5024 (no names or titles, of course). I called that number and got hold of someone who said he was a LifeRock manager. The "manager" kept me on hold, refusing to resolve the transportation problem. And as I waited for the "manager" to return to the phone line, the driver/transporter just drove away - not meeting my gaze! I was left panicked and alone, trying to figure out how to get my immobile, incoherent husband from that wheelchair that LifeRock carelessly left behind - to my husband's bed. I called my local police/fire department, and managed to get two firefighters to lift my by-now, slouched, incoherent Michael onto his hospital bed. It was a job that should have been done by the muscular driver/transporter sent by LifeRock. Shameful!!!

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