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Life FLO Estriol Care

Country United States
State Alabama

Life FLO Estriol Care Reviews

  • Nov 14, 2018

I bought 2 bottles of the life flo estriol care cream. One was completely empty and the other literally had 1 small pump of cream. I had to cut the cheap container open and found there was nothing in them. Looks to me they are decieving you into thinking your getting a bottle full but even worse like I said there was not even enouigh for one day to apply in the one bottle. So I tried to return it and I was blown off. I even wrote my honest review of the product on amazon and AMAZON deleted my review. There were several other complaints same as mine. But there werer also FAKE looking reviews so that just confirmed what a scam it is. Do not buy this cream they will rip you off. Waste your money and you get no product. The next best thing is out there just avoid these scammers!! Should be taken off amazon and other websites.

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