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Lien Enforcement, Inc.

Country United States
State California
Phone (877) 757-2296

Lien Enforcement, Inc. Reviews

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  • Jul 3, 2017

What the fu_kin sh_t are these lieing, harassing a*holes from

Lien Enforcement, Inc. calling us continuously, leaving on our

machine, "This is Alex. Call back right away because there is a

debt, a lien, and a collection against you!"

We have immaculate credit with very high credit scores.

When we called back these bastards Alex (an afro american)

and Keith told us, "We don't have your phone nos. nor your

names in our computer." We then asked, "then why do you

keep calling us. It is illegal for a collection agency to falsely

call someone who does not have any debts, liens, nor

collection items, etc. against them." Both Alex and Keith

hung up on us and refused to answer our questions.

THIS IS NOT GOING AWAY !! We demand to know

why an alleged collection agency is calling us when we

have NO problems. They are calling from (877) 757-2296

and (408) 380-8670 and (408)380-8674 ETC.

ARE THEY DOING IDENTITY THEFT and other criminal acts

against the public !!

We are demanding answers, and want them closed down and

prosecuted !!

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  • Jan 27, 2020


They are CROOKS! Trying to collect a debt a person had no knowledge of. Never received a letter or anything about oweing any money. They up a HUGE BALANCE to top it off expecting you to pay it.

These people are RUDE and will hang up or won't no longer respond. Neither will they be fair when you tell them you don't know about the debt they impose on you.

They will Make the debt a LOT OF MONEY. THOUSANDS. They are RIP OFF ARTISTS.

Unfair Practices, Illegal to make up a large debt to innocent people. BE AWARE OF THESE PEOPLE

  • Oct 4, 2019

No place to work

I worked in the Norristown location with Keith Baker and manager Steve Thompson. Not a good place to work they talk to you like your a child also no job subility you can get fired at a drop of a dime also they both do drugs in the office and when they go out the office you can tell they be high as a kite when both of them come out the office together do not apply it could be the worst thing you ever do .

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